To learn the Klingon language from Star Trek now can anyone

If you are a fan of science fiction and though the corner of his eye watched the famous television series Star Trek, you probably know about the existence of the fictional Klingon language. This language is so suited the taste of the audience gradually left the television and rose to the level of language used on our planet. Established a “Klingon language Institute”, translating into Klingon classics and strongly support the fictional culture of a fictional race. Now to learn this language can be anyone, thanks to the free online courses that we want to tell you today.

Klingon language for the TV series “Star trek” was created by the linguist Marc Okrand by order of Paramount. The language has an elaborate grammar, syntax and a rather large dictionary. The first sounds and phrases the Klingon language, in turn, was invented by actor James doohan, who played in the TV series and several feature films the role of Scotty. The creators of the television series so I liked the sound of that, they turned to Brand Okrand with a request to create an artificial language for their sci-Fi show. Okrand used the outline of the Spirit and combined them with elements of the languages of North American Indians, as well as with fragments of the Sanskrit.

The service Duolingo provides a free platform for learning languages, as well as for crowdsourcing translations. For example, Russian-speaking users with Duolingo can in an easy game form to learn English, German, French and Spanish. Special independent studies have proven that 34 hours of lessons on the website Duolingo are equivalent to a semester course at an American University with a duration of 130 hours. Users of the platform have long asked its creators to add a course on the Klingon language. Well, I asked – come and get it! From now on the possibility of free studying of Klingon appeared on the website.

To create a training course to the Klingon were involved volunteers interested in the television series Star Trek. After they sketched a Foundation, work has been joined by experts in the field of language learning and the preparation of language courses, as well as the doctor of linguistic Sciences and technical staff of the platform Duolingo. Test courses, again on a voluntary basis, has helped thousands of registered users. It’s no joke, because the service Duolingo to date, more than 200 000 000 subscribers. Today the course is presented exclusively in English, but in the future this may change. To learn Klingon, you can at this link.

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