To live in Russia and buy Apple in the US? It is possible!

The most advanced buyers know what to buy equipment in Russia is much more expensive than in the US. Well, if someone’s friend is flying to Hong Kong, it sure someone will ask to go to the local Apple Store and buy the cheapest iPhone in the world. And try to imagine that this service is delivered to the stream and use it can even those who have no such friend or relative.

In fact, to imagine anything and do not need such functionality offers service Grabr, which allows one to obtain desirable goods, and others to earn money. If you do not know about the existence of this service, we invite you to read his detailed description, which we published on the website. In this article we will focus on how mobile app Grabr, which makes shopping such easier.

In terms of functionality the app is not inferior to the web version with the only difference that thanks to mobile product you can obtain all of these services, wherever you are. Functions are split into sections, navigation which is carried on the lower Tabara.


To begin, in addition to the registration or authorization through social networks please confirm your phone number. In addition, please add the payment method is limited only by PayPal. If you do not have got a purse there is a good reason to do it.


If you want to buy something, right from the first tab you can search for the product. You can use the search function either on the Internet, whether on online stores Amazon and eBay. When the item you found, click on the button with a purse, and a plus sign in the lower right corner and wait for offers.


After that, potential performers starts the competition for your order, and the choice, as usual, depends on the attractiveness of prices. Once the contractor is chosen, you can contact them in chat and discuss the details of the transaction.


Accordingly, if you decide to become a good Samaritan, you have two options: the first is to open a tab with your queries and selecting a suitable, press button “Offer delivery”. The second way is to specify the time and direction of the upcoming voyage and to see orders associated with this direction. Well and further — participate in the bidding and if successful contact with the customer.


A few words for the timid, who fear that their accounts will write off the money and the buyer absconds with their goods or even “backs out, then”. Before receiving delivery of the money in your account just be blocked and transferred to the account of contractor only after you receive the goods and confirm it in the app. So no fraud here, in principle, impossible.

That’s so easy, you can visit the American or any other not available in our country store and enjoy shopping in the comfort of your apartment. Well, if you travel frequently, then this is a great way to earn extra money and help people. By the way, do not forget before returning to Russia to apply to tax-free and return VAT. Not all customers know about this possibility, and given the returned tax your net income will be even greater.

Name: Grabr
Publisher/developer: Grabr Inc.
Official website: Go
Price: Free
In app purchases: No
Compatibility: Universal app
Reference: Install

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