To lose weight, just think about it? Why not

Due to various reasons some people find it difficult to lose weight, so nutritionists are constantly searching for new methods of weight loss. But what if you can lose weight would be to just by thinking about it? Sounds a bit fantastic, but, according to the publication EurekAlert!, according to a recent study conducted by a group of scientists from the UK and Australia, this approach can really give good results.

Experts from the universities of Queensland and Plymouth conducted a rather interesting experiment in which they wanted to find out how strongly correlated the results of weight loss with visualization of the end result depending on human motivation.

The experience was attended by 141 people, which were divided into 2 groups. First studied by the method of Motivational Interviewing (MI), which aimed at carrying out motivational talks in order to verbalize the need to change and awaken in man the desire to lose weight. The second group used an approach called Functional Imagery Training (FIT). It differs from the first in that it is dominated by not the creation of motivation and visualization of the end result. During the FIT sessions, people were taught to create motivational images and imagine how it will improve their lives and health once they achieve their goal. The maximum time individual counseling was 4 hours, while none of the groups received no additional dietary recommendations. As stated by the study’s lead author Dr. Linda Solbrig,

“We started with exercises on the lemon. We asked people to imagine a lemon, as they touch it, squeeze and drink the juice and so on. It was necessary to emphasize that the images are much closer to our feelings than we think. So we taught people not just to think in the style of “I want to lose” and clearly understand what exactly advantages they get from losing weight.”

The results showed that the MI group after 6 months lost an average of 0.74 kilograms, while the FIT for the same period parted on average from 4.11 kilograms. After 12 months, the result is strengthened: MI lost another 0.67 pounds, and FIT 6.44 kilograms on average. Moreover, members of the group FIT also reduce the waist an average of 4.3 cm.

“It’s great that people lost significantly more weight on the new program, because, unlike most studies, any diet/physical activity is not required. People were completely free in his choice and did what they wanted to do, and not what was prescribed mode. Of course, that in order to lose weight, you need to eat less and more exercise, but in many cases people are just not motivated and FIT successfully generates this key point.”

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