To maintain body fitness download application running runtastic running

The best way to follow and practice the sport of running download runtastic

Running is one of the important things to maintain fitness and fitness joints and muscles , help to stimulate blood circulation and protect from a lot of ailments , we find a lot of people think running a part of their daily life for 20 minutes of running or brisk walking or allocation of these cities Lai sporting activity or fitness training daily is essential to maintain health and period through customized workout program for the sport and the period , looking much of a fan of the sport of running for the organization of time and distance and speed , Through the running apps, which is one of the most important is the application runtastic running who thinks your trainer when you download the application runtastic running on your phone use a coach or a subscription to the gym think gym program through the services and features offered by the streaming application for free users you can download it for Android and iPhone easily through the download links listed below this topic , runtastic is one of the best apps for health and tennis on Android devices . It uses the GPS feature to track and know events fitness that you do, such as : jogging and walking, bike driving and other ,by determining your location and help you during doing sports daily, run fast and run gradually, assesses the achievements you and the distance you covered and the time you spent , know more on the application running and body fitness through this article from the website how the technique for the application Runtastic Running & Fitness

The application runtastic for running fitness :

ممارسة رياضة الجري باستخدام تطبيق runtastic
Running and using the application runtastic


The application Runtastic Running & Fitness : is the greatest in the world of sports, running and fitness , so that helps tremendously raise the protection and stimulation of its users run the fast run is to continue to exercise daily. So that the program calculates the mileage of a sport that you do, whether running or walking or even on bike, as it calculates the number of steps and calories you have burned during the exercise you sport your favorite particular sports running . Contains a tracking device GPS which tracks the location that the wind, and then he shows p map part of the program. The program also calculates the heart rate with running, as you can after the completion of the exercise problems as a result of it on social media with your friends.

The application Runtastic program is a free version for Android and iOS online iPhone specializes in the sport of running and the period, you can via this app to record your track while running in the map, and calculate the mileage and time spent at that distance, the speed during the running maximum and minimum speed of the medium, The distance traveled in the highlands and lowlands, the number of calories burned, heart rate and other important details, the app is a social network you can add friends to encourage competition.

There is also a feature to view line streaming online on site where friends can people follow you directly from their device and encourage you while running directly, last but not least is recorded of all activity that you made in the phone where you can view them whenever you want to stand on the changes, as you can also enter that information into your account at the site of application.

Explanation the application running & fitness Runtastic

Run the app and swipe the screen towards the bottom, and then choose the type of activity that you want Running , you have to autostart the gps first in order to be able to application of the recording track on the map after that click on the Start button the Activity button, and a Stop in the event of completion of the activity .

استخدام تطبيق runtastic fitness
Use the application runtastic fitness

And can change these characteristics by the situation that you want. The software will request some basic information to the user: such as height, weight and age in order to determine the amount of calories required to burn them until you reach your ideal body and proper using of the desired exercise with the help of the program. The screen contains the main application on the list to display the current weather and the time of dark and dawn and other times.

This application display details of activity by the distance traveled and the time it takes and number of calories burned, in addition to the average distance traveled in each kilometers, average speed and maximum speed of the elevations and depressions

As well as calculate the number of steps and distance, which they made during the exercises , calculate the number of calories you have burned , and contains many other exercise suited to the style of your life. If you want a life of health and fitness download this app will help you on that.

Through your registration application to become a member of the millions who use the app and you can identify them and it was their and the calories they burn and so that cuts it on a daily basis . And also you can share all your activity on social networking sites easily.

متابعة رياضة الجري
Follow the sport of running

There are a lot of features provided by the application is free and also there are paid you can register a paid account through the website for the app : Runtastic Running & Fitness

How to use the app without Internet workout program


تحميل تطبيق الجري و اللياقة البدنية

A lot of time exercising outside the house, especially running or walking , and without Internet connection , all users of the application Runtastic to use it and take advantage of its features, at all times, even when you exercise in the absence of Internet you can easily solve this problem , Now it is known that the GPS works without Internet, and the person who needs to the internet map is a photo of the map itself in order to show new homes up to it or when the doctor or and, in order to use any map off-line offline simply Browse and show areas that you intend to go to at a time when connected to the internet for free, such as when connected to Wi-Fi at home, in this case after browsing certain places in the map the existence of the Internet, the app to download those pictures into cash application, When you open the Map in the next, and then visit those areas you will be able to browse them without Internet unless I move to new areas, this is one of the benefits of storage in the cache in addition to speed in the download map, for this I advise you not to delete the cash some apps especially the apps maps, the bottom line browse the product which you would like to run them when connected to the internet once, then you won’t need to the internet, but enough to run the GPS.

The characteristic of the application running exercises body fitness Runtastic

استخدام تطبيق Runtastic
Use the application Runtastic
  • Use GPS to find your location and distance daily
  • A total of exercises Fitness to suit the style of your daily life and activate blood circulation
  • The possibility of participation of your activities and your current location with friends and share your achievement on social networking sites
  • A bunch of tools such as measuring speed and number of steps and the number of heart beat and weight and speed of administration exercises
  • The possibility of activating the feature, the trainer voice , gives the exercise the form of votes
  • Stop the automatic countdown when you stop administration exercise
  • The possibility of choosing a certain goal such as an alert when you reach a certain number of steps or when the arrival of a certain number of heartbeat etc
  • The possibility to play music from your device easily to listen during exercise
  • Featuring colors and designs cool and easy to use.
  • Sync exercises, distance, and heart rate and steps and save them with account when you register
  • Support for smart watches and all operating systems easily, you can download it on various smart devices .

Link download Runtastic Running & Fitness for Android and iPhone

Download android

Download for iPhone

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