To make a transaction through Google will Pay you can use the QR code

NFC technology, offering smartphone owners the ability to make contactless payment through their respective services, not everywhere enjoys the same popularity. For example, in China it is replaced by QR codes, scanning which locals can share with each other money and pay for purchases in offline stores. The convenience of this method of the transaction raises questions, but Google sees it perspective.

How did you find the developer Jane Manchun Wong, Google is working on the introduction to Google Pay function p2p transfers using QR codes. Appropriate references were found in the code of the payment service, indicating clear interest by the search giant in expanding the functionality of the product and its target audience.


Contactless payment via QR

The ability to transfer funds, and subsequently to pay for purchases using a unique QR code, is seen as the ultimate solution that can increase the potential for Google Pay. Due to QR codes the ability to use contactless payment service will appear not only from the owners of devices with NFC, but without it. Practice shows that, despite the rapid growth in the share of smartphones that support near field, many manufacturers neglected because of the high cost of implementation.

What is dangerous QR codes

In fairness it should be noted that QR codes are still less reliable than NFC. If in the case of NFC payment need to confirm a fingerprint or face, when you use QR to provide protection much more difficult. This is because QR are the basis of many fraudulent schemes. The attackers enter in codes malicious links or passwords for compromised Wi-Fi networks, thus infecting the device on unsuspecting users.

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