To new Samsung Galaxy S10?

Galaxy S is a premium line of smartphones from Samsung. From year to year, the smartphones in this series were updated, looked nice, had a top-end current features and are always expensive. High price of smartphones Galaxy S – too kind of thing, because in technology you have to pay. This continued for several years and several generations of premium smartphones has not yet happened, the announcement of new products of the company in their own Galaxy Unpacked event in anticipation of the Mobile World Congress this year.

What happened to Samsung?

Happened Samsung with its new Galaxy S10e. Smartphone this notoriously non-standard in many aspects, but it is only at first glance. The fact is that the Galaxy S line, as I wrote above, is the reward, and then, suddenly, this premium line you receive the device, the technical side which is significantly different from the flagships series. In addition to the technical component of the Galaxy S10e, the budget of the different and its price.

The question arises: Why Samsung to release a budget phone in its premium line, when there is a budget specifically for this line of devices? The answer to this question is not obvious, but fairly simple. There are users who want a truly flagship smartphone from the flagship line with a new flagship design, the main, again, the flagship features and capabilities, but zanedorogo. Such users, as it turns out, a lot, and Samsung, like any large manufacturer, the need becomes even bigger.

Segment of the market with the budget flagships Packed to capacity: 6T OnePlus or Pocofone F1 example. On the other hand comes Xiaomi and Huawei, in an effort to deprive the South Korean giant its market share. Samsung is now under great pressure of competition like never before.

Will Galaxy Samsung S10e to return to its former greatness?

Of course, Galaxy S10e is an attempt to sell more smartphones. The truth is, the sales performance of Samsung over the last few quarters look quite so sad. The company’s profit plummeted in the fourth quarter of 2018, then decrease by as much as 28.7 per cent. Generally, sales of smartphones in General now arrive in a quandary, a decrease of 7% in the last quarter of last year, as the market continues to stagnate.

To say that the Galaxy S10e is an attempt to revive the status of Samsung, it would be wrong. However, it is clear that the company needs to do something, to do something to win back its rapidly dwindling share of the market. Accessibility is becoming an increasingly important factor, as Chinese competitors Samsung, this factor has long been recognized, and a strong focus on budget smartphones.

If Samsung is going to sell their flagship phones around the world, and especially on such sensitive Finance markets as India, China and South America, cheaper Samsung Galaxy S10e may well help her in this. Galaxy S10e with its performance and price may convince some cost-conscious consumers to upgrade your smartphone now, not later. After all, not every buyer wants to pay an extra hundred dollars for functions that he is unlikely to use it.

On the other hand, the lower price for S10e can annoy the premium brand that Samsung took so long to develop in the form of the series Galaxy S. the difficulty lies in the reconciled balance in order to offer a more economical product and in order to keep the premium flagship range. I would say that Samsung managed to do this with the Galaxy S10e.

The inevitable comparison with Apple

Samsung is not the first who decided to try to apply a similar strategy. Far in 2013, Apple has resorted to a similar scheme with my iPhone 5C but it did not work. The smartphone are very different in appearance from the current flagship of the year: design and pozitsionirovanie devices are not able to convince buyers to sweep away the iPhone 5C from the shelves.

Despite this, Apple has not rejected the idea to offer consumers a more affordable version of its latest flagship. So, iPhone XR is a stripped-down version of the iPhone XS. It has IPS-display with a lower resolution, not OLED, as in the older model, frame around the screen a little thicker, only one main camera module and the aluminum frame instead of steel banding around the perimeter of the smartphone.

And now look at the Samsung Galaxy S10e and compare it with a regular S10. In this case, we see similar compromises. The display resolution is downgraded from QHD to FHD, 2GB reduced the amount of RAM, removed the lens and the fingerprint scanner below the display. However, the S10e has kept a similar design, the same hardware and the same camera as its bigger brother. If you want to experience the thrill of using Galaxy S10, but without additional trendy chips, then S10e is what you need.

The pricing from the companies as well. Compared to the iPhone XS, XR Phone costs $ 749, not $ 999. Samsung Galaxy S10e costs 749 dollars compared to the $ 899 for a regular S10 and $ 999 for S10 Plus.

Flagships are becoming more expensive

From year to year flagship devices are becoming more expensive because of one simple fact that they get all the latest and breakthrough technology industry (5G, flexible displays, fingerprint sensors under the display, etc.), and in the investigation and push the industry forward. Pricey Pro version of smartphones are now everywhere and in order to fill the price gap between the middle and high segments of the market, companies that create these models are cheap premium devices.

New from Samsung is a widening gap between the cost of the best available mobile technology and what consumers are accustomed to spend on a premium smartphone. Samsung fans definitely will be very happy the existence of the Galaxy S10e, because they now don’t have to spend 900 or even 1000 dollars to update the smartphone.

And how do you new from Samsung in the premium segment? Would buy to itself such?

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