To please the users … the new updates on snapchat

Contains the application snapchat the first place among social networking applications in the Gulf states, where the user can publish short clips of video effects. Recently, many e-marketers take advantage of this effective application in the deployment of commercial awareness about a product or service. But soon the availability of the appeals of the users claim new capabilities that let the idea of the inclusion of direct links are attached to video clips or images submitted through the account snap chat.

In response to the wishes of the users of the app, the development team snapchat launched the latest version of the program so that they contain the sharing feature direct links by attaching videos or photos posted to the accounts which have been shared by the owners of the accounts of snap chat via the app.

How to use the feature links attached to the new

When you do take pictures or record video clips, you will see a new option under the publishing options and modification in the shape of “buckle” which is the icon used at the property include a hyperlink Hyperlink. Clicking on it will open the box to put a link to a web page specific to the video or picture attached in more detail, such as pages of news, essays, illustrated albums, e-commerce sites or any of the social networks.

 Was this new feature of snapchat sought dramatically between users of the program especially marketers and business owners where water has become one of the tools through which they can measure the results of support processes and calculate the visits menu for the account of the work place.

 Not only did the development team snapchat to launch this feature, but the support software browser internally, as is the case with most social networking applications such as Facebook state, so that the user does not need to install browser-specific corresponds to the version of the current operating system of the device or the application of sea Sha the same. Thus, the user can now open links attached directly through the app and preview it and donate its contents like any web browser.

Announced the official spokesman for the company developer of application snapchat, they’re on their way to launch new features developed suitable for them to develop the famous Facebook dedication of the clinic is taken or in response to a faster appeals of development that represent the wishes of the general users, marketers and websites in particular. Affirming that the development team snapchat separate story everyday accounts for personal messages between users of the app all in one separate on the display screen. The launch of the first modified version on the store iTunes affiliate of the operating systems iOS so that it has the right part of the program on the stories of friends and celebrities and gets the right pane private messages between App users and private groups.

As stated, team work is also that it is not expected to provide update previous versions of snap chat that works on Android devices only after the completion of all development work for the iPhone and iPad that are running iOS.

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