To recover data from memory new MacBook Pro will be more difficult nowhere

From Apple and authorized service centers can be problems when you restore data from memory, the new MacBook Pro when the damage to the logic Board, the report by iFixit. Engineers of the laboratory have studied the internal structure of the laptop and came to the conclusion that the tool with which Apple has removed the information from the MacBook Pro of previous generations incompatible with the model of 2018.

The tool used by Apple to transfer data from memory MacBook Pro, is a small box black in color, with one side connected to the PCB with soldered unit’s permanent memory, and on the other to the laptop. All that was required from the staff of the Genius Bar or service center, to launch a programme of information transfer and at the end of the process to replace a failed component.

Damage to logic Board MacBook Pro

Logic Board MacBook Pro, iFixit States the engineers, deprived of the connector migration tool. MacRumors reporters have contacted several sources from the industry and found that the user data recorded in the memory of laptops of new generation, can be transferred to another MacBook, if the Board remains intact in target disk mode. Otherwise, data recovery may be impossible.

How to recover data from MacBook Pro

According to MacRumors, Apple released a document for internal use. In it, the company recommends that the Genius Bar employees and authorised service centres to encourage the owners of new MacBook Pro regularly to keep backups and use Time Machine to save the data. It seems now that the only way for sure not to lose important information in case of laptop failure.

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