To rival Facebook. Minds pay you to use its network

Think social networks and search engines on the users ‘ data collected accurately to achieve a lot of profits, and that is the reason that to facebook in its place now is the source of their income, just your information and interests to be sold to advertisers for a lot of money, without feeling that to happen. One of the questions that were addressed to Mark Zuckerberg in the U.S. Congress, was a simple question so didn’t answer directly is “how does Facebook make its money”.

Maybe we all know how it’s done, But why not deal with this fact clear to both small and large! One of the other questions was “why doesn’t Facebook support users on the use of their precious data?”, the This question does not present a new idea because a number of social networks existing already tried to answer it.

Network Minds social is one of the networks that tried to do so, and apply this network after the crisis of Facebook completely but its starting since 2015. And Simple Network, for Facebook a million users just now and WHO of them is about 110 thousand only available during the month.

Despite the simplicity of the social network for Facebook but they do not differ much for the ideas underlying it mainly consists of flow of publications new both notations, pictures or videos with the existence of groups and the existence of so-called youth Boost and ads that be concealed versus paying $ 5 a month.

The location gives the What is known as Tokens to the user compared to spend time on them or an interaction with the publications also. And Bill and founder of the website that one of the fundamental objectives of the company that he founded is to help people make money online.

And don’t leave the “Tokens” network Minds social to real money even now, but they can be used in the Declaration on the same network which goes in two ways. The first way is the usual way for corporate social injection feed news publication that you want to promote it, the second method is characteristic of some thing it is like you give people posted to watch it as it shows publication in this case across individuals and not directly in the news feed.

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