To the moon: token Etheera increased by 80,000 percent in two weeks

Little-known cryptocurrency, called Etheera (ETA) suddenly appeared in the top 100 on Coinmarketcap. Dash to the favourites was the result of the pampas — the trading volume and capitalization of the coin has grown to the space of digits in the shortest possible time. For two weeks Etheera brought to its holders more than 80 000 percent profit.

Eighty-x of the blue

As reported in the Ethereum World News, as of October 31, 2018, the coin was trading at 0,000051 dollar. At midnight on 14 November on 15 November Etheera reached 0,012551 dollars, equivalent to an increase of 573 83 percent.

From the beginning of November ETA several times sharply jumped up. The first round of the Pampa came on the first of November, then, the cryptocurrency has risen from 0,000401 to 0,002658 dollar. This is equal to an increase of 560 percent.

The next leap occurred between 9 and 10 November. For these few hours, ETA increased from 0,003228 to 0,011274 of the dollar (an increase of 250 percent). The third round of the Pampa began between Monday and Tuesday, that is, between 12 and 13 November. During this price movement Etheera rose to its peak price in 0,012551 dollar. At the peak of Pampa capitalization of the coins reached 73.5 million dollars, and she took the ETA 84 position in the Coinmarketcap.

Image source — Ethereum World News

Any pump, as always, ends. In this case, the asset fell by 99.8% to the level of 0,000263 dollar. Those who are not lucky to buy the cryptocurrency at the peak of the pampas, now lost all the invested in the ETA money. Here’s why you should not get into a bidding war, where the rapid growth has already passed you. Remember, the crypt is a new industry, there will be plenty more ways to make money.

For the project the rapid growth did not pass unnoticed is sulistio several decentralized exchanges in the face of BarterDEX, Ethershift, HyperDEX and Coinical. Not to miss the next big pump, be sure to follow our cryptochiton.


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