To what extent depreciate the value of the iPhone, the oldest at the launch of a new?

May be the latest devices iPhone high price as usual, but it is known to everyone that they maintain their value much better than its competitors representatives on the system Android. But there comes a time in the life of every iPhone drops its value significantly. The passage of time remains to lose more of its value, this happens directly after the version of devices iPhone, the new. In a new analysis conducted by the website Decluttr, illustrates how the value dropped iPhone, old when issuing the new.

Most start devices iPhone, actually down sharply in value during the first month after the new version. The up-dip into the proportion of up to 30% immediately after that the Learn Apple about new hardware and then have to decline somewhat slow.

IPhone holds value better?

Of course, the drop models of the iPhone, the Old more than others, for example, we find that the iPhone 7 might have decreased its value to nearly 81% since it was first submitted three years ago.

◉ IPhone 7 launched in 2016 has lost 81% of its value.

◉ IPhone 8 which was launched in the year 2017 has lost 65% of its value.

◉ IPhone 8 Plus launched in 2017 has lost 61% of its value.

◉ IPhone X which was launched in the year 2017 has lost 59% of its value.

◉ IPhone XS launched in 2018, have lost 49% of its value.

◉ IPhone XR which was launched in the year 2018 has lost 43% of its value.

Interestingly, we find that the iPhone X may keep worth trading a little higher relative to the original purchase price of hardware iPhone 8, we find that the opposite seems to be true with the iPhone XS and XR the last year. This is largely due to the popularity of an iOS device-iPhone XR. This led to a number of telecom operators to submit plans of “contracted” at a significant discount for this model before the event next week.

What does this mean?

While this report focuses on the value of trade specifically, but it’s safe to assume that the resale prices of used will see a decline similar to that after the announcement of iPhone 11 putting it for sale next week.

Do you sell the iPhone, Your at a time like this to save some money to buy new? Tell us in the comments.



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