To what level will rise Bitcoin to the end of 2019?

The price of Bitcoin is unlikely to increase to 40 thousand dollars by the end of 2019. To such conclusion the investor trace Mayer. Judging by the behavior of the asset over the past few months, the cost will reach historic highs by December. Cryptomnesia can expect a price increase up to 21 thousand dollars, with such a short time Bitcoin is unlikely to reach great heights.

Today the cryptocurrency is trading at 10 876 dollars. For the past day its value increased by 1.7 percent. We will remind, earlier known trader Peter Brandt said that in this bullish cycle Bitcoin can grow up to 100 thousand dollars in the foreseeable future.

The boundaries of the year

Meyer’s forecast is based on the same metric — Meyer multiplier. This index is calculated by dividing the current market price of Bitcoin on the value of the moving average 200 SMA scale 1-day chart. Now the multiplier is 2.09, which can be interpreted as a low probability of too rapid growth of the asset.

Earlier, the co-founder of the exchange Gemini Tyler Winklevoss said that after overcoming the level of 10 thousand dollars Bitcoin without any problems will grow to 15 thousand dollars. Note, this level is the nearest important level for the bears. Here you can start a new deep correction of Bitcoin.

Meyer’s multiplier suggests that the bulk of the price movement of BTC on this bullrun will happen next year. Exactly in one year, bitcoin will reach 30 thousand dollars.

It’s only the beginning

Further in the text — the comment of the founder Mikhail Korolev.

This year has been very revealing. After hypovase takeoff Bitcoins in 2017 and a rapid fall in 2018, 2019 have demonstrated that the first cryptocurrency can survive such “swing” and recover like a Phoenix from the ashes. Industry onto a new stage of its development: it is not strange Gukovskaya toy that can be mined on the CPU of your PC. Bitcoin real product, which is used. Yes, more on the black market, but this is just the beginning. Entered the game giants and the stock exchanges and the various services grow around the infrastructure of cryptocurrency like mushrooms after rain. Do not forget that the creation of any service need money and not small. For example, as is the creation of Gemini or Coinbase? The millions of dollars. And people who have money, ready to invest these millions in services around the cryptocurrency. Even after the fall of 2018.

Bitmain is going the IPO, Facebook launches its own cryptocurrency, the US state Department and other countries are considering offering it as a new tool on the securities market. It’s like dying? I doubt it. Most cryptocurrencies are entering a new stage: they are interested great uncle and now of them will do real work products.

Source: Reddit

Will there be growth? I hope not. 20 thousand dollars by the end of the year is the most I would like to see when a good news. You have to understand that the same ban cryptocurrency in India or another country can bring down the course in a matter of days. Better than a good flat with accumulation of new services than a sharp increase, which will necessarily lead to a sale.

Such marks as 10, 15 and 20 thousand dollars is triggers for sale, they will be very hard to overcome. Bitcoin went to the people is not uniform: who had learned about it and could mined at the home processor, now has huge reserves of coins. These people will go to these levels, because they have enough money until the end of life. Industry will have to accept these setbacks and to get further — and this is a question of global interest in the cryptocurrency. I hope that such a huge company like Facebook will give information about the cryptocurrency to billions of people. And in a good way.

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