Tobii technology eye-tracker to support the user’s Privacy better

Company Tobii technology eye tracker, you’ll be doing, and more efficient support of user privacy, where the now blank screen computers when away user.

Tobii uses eye tracking to keep people from peeking at your screen

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There is no doubt that technology Tobii to track the user’s eye is one of the possible techniques which require rapidly in recent times, to assess the Tobii its users more features to support many of the tasks.

Directed company Tobii technology to track the eye to protect the privacy of users and also provide energy in the organs, where new tasks for the technical vision of the process with a new version of the software Aware of your company, which achieved the use of functions of full control Windows Hello, to teach the device’s screen when you walk away from it to prevent anyone from hacking your privacy when you are away from your device.

Comes the new feature to dim the screen to save power in devices, also in the case of non-use, how much water will the user set of data on the time to activate the screen, along with the time of the intermission screen too.

Recall that Tobii presented show practical efficiency of the software Aware of the new in your Yoga A940 all-in-one from Lenovo, as confirmed by Tobii that the software will not be limited to only one device, but they come to support a lot of users on different devices.


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