Today, Elon musk chooses the first satellite Internet services

Since 3 years ago, news started to hesitate strongly about the intention of the American businessman famous Elon musk launch are artificial around the earth to provide us with Internet services at low cost, today, about a week after the successful experience of launch of the rocket Falcon heavy Falcon Heavy, musk to test the first of its moons synthetic Internet.

According to the website CNet e-mail, it will be today Sunday, 18 February the launch of the first satellite service starlink Starlink, a subsidiary of its holding, on board the rocket “Falcon 9” the Falcon 9, to settle in orbit around the earth and starts on a mission to broadcast the Internet to, according to correspondence between the company and the Federal Communications Commission.

The primary purpose of the process of the launch of the rocket “Falcon 9” is a campaign of the satellite “Paz” PAZ, which is owned by the Spanish government, which will capture images of the earth, while the reports could not be confirmed at the outset about the existence of satellites Tracking Service “starlink” on the flight, before the publication of the text of the correspondence between the “SpaceX” SpaceX and the Federal Communications Commission FCC on the web site of the latter.

According to the letter, the two moons are artificial, bearing the name of the micro studies 2a and 2B, will be launched as cargo is secondary in the mission “Paz” PAZ satellite, having been awarded Federal Communications Commission FCC to the company “SpaceX” SpaceX a license to launch a pair of satellites Microsat 2a, 2b for testing, since last November, and which satellites to provide broadband Internet services “broadband” to the ground.

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