Tokens from TON Gram will go on sale to normal investors. Why are they dangerous contact?

Importantly ICO in the history of all ICO should soon become available to “mere mortals”. Gram tokens will be sold to ordinary investors through limited listing, as a full-fledged sale will be held in October this year. Everything seems simple, but there are many pitfalls.

Recall, the company Pavel Durov has collected a record $ 1.7 billion last year through indoor tocancel for large investors. Draft Telegram find a lot of hype in cryptosphere, although some criticized him for “lack of original ideas”.

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When we start selling tokens?

The start of sales will be held on July 10, listing Gram will be held at the exchange Liquid. The offer will be limited, while residents of the United States, Canada, Korea and Japan will not be able to participate in the sale.

It is noteworthy that the management of Liquid not entered into any direct transactions with the Telegram. Instead, the exchange will start trading a certain amount of tokens (the exact figure is not disclosed) from Gram Asia — supposedly the largest holder Gram in the Asian region.

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The situation is quite strange, Pavel Durov, too, made no public comments on this issue. In one of his last interviews CEO Micke Liquid Kamori complained about features of cooperation with Durov.

Unfortunately, this is how Telegram from the start.

Kamari says that listing on the Liquid — one of the stages of deployment of the TON. According to him, by October the project will really come to the final stage of development and marketing.

What’s next?

Finally, we come to the most important distributed tokens to Liquid will not be traded this summer. Buyers will receive from Asia Gram equivalent of coins in the USDC, that is starlaine from Coinbase. Themselves Gram will be circulated closer to October. The process of distributing these tokens will be divided into four stages. Kamori admitted that all this is very similar to OTC trading, but Liquid can not affect the process.

Before buying, investors will have to go through quite a strict KYC. For some countries (the banned list is quite long) sale, unfortunately, is not available. Note that this includes Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Moldova and the Crimea.

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Liquid is not in the list of the largest exchanges. During the last seven days on the trading floor transactions have been made in the amount of $ 900 million. In the ranking of CoinMarketCap it takes 83 place. Why is it Liquid? Most likely, this is due to the fact that the exchange is under the jurisdiction of the Japanese regulators.

Is it possible to make money?

Most likely, the larger x will be. In Telegram want to ensure the stability of the exchange rate Gram. Here is an excerpt from Wallpaper project.

Four percent of the total number of coins (200 million Gram) will be reserved for the needs of the team for four years. During the first stage of development TON at least 52% of all tokens will be reserved in TON Reserve to protect the cryptocurrency from market manipulation during its early stage of development.

Source: TON

You can draw an analogy with the cat in the bag. It is clear that this popular project will very closely monitor its reputation, including the price movement of Gram. Therefore I advise is not to feed false expectations about the large x’s.

Is it worth buying a Gram or still not?

Review on the subject gave Slava Karpenko, CTO 2Miners and 2Masternodes.

As for me, it seems if not a Scam, the trade in South. Mannata no, actually tokens too. There is a maximum of the distribution agreement certain amounts of tokens after the start of the public network. And now you can only sell promises and air. But we cannot exclude the possibility that these promises will be implemented after the start maneta.

Source: 2Биткоина

The opinion of the chief editor 2Bitcoins Grigory Pasechnik

Purchase tokens from Gram Liquid, which agreed with the Korean Gram Asia is buying a pig in a poke, and schrödinger. To begin called into question the very possibility of acquiring tokens. Their distribution will take place in October, and during this time much change. But even if everything goes smoothly, there is a chance nothing to earn it.

Remind team TON opposed to speculative trading. In wallpapere project mentioned separately: to deal with insecurity of course the developers will be using 52% of all tokens in the TON Reserve. So the prospect of x’s and Panov seems even dimmer than Bitcoin in the short term.

What do you think about Gram and prospects THANK you? Waiting for a conversation to cryptodata of hontarov.


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