Tom Lee: altcoins will grow by at least 1100% in the coming bullrun

Today Bitcoin topped at $ 5500, so every day hope for a speedy bullrun stronger. Now, however, investors should look the other way — graphics altcoins, says Tom Lee. They will bring huge profits commensurate with the growth of the coins during the previous bull cycle.

Recall that the duration of the current cycle of accumulation of cryptocurrencies has already exceeded all expectations of experts. Too long bear market “compresses the spring”, which soon sent the price of coins on the moon. According to estimates, If the average profit from the top altcoins could reach 1,100 percent.

Ready to fly

Tweeted the analyst explained that the prerequisite to leap up almost always is a negative correlation between the price movement of Bitcoin and all other coins. On the published chart shows everything more clearly. For example, the current market situation is strongly reminiscent of the start bullrun 2017.

You can count on a huge x — based on dynamics of the previous bull cycles, this time the violas will give at least 1100% profit. Note that this averaged value is taken for coins with large capitalization. Lesser-known cryptocurrencies could bring a lot more money, but investing in them very risky.

Whether the next season altcoins stronger than the previous? Given that we now have a total of 50 million active addresses (versus 5 billion accounts to Visa/Mastercard), the crypt is still at an early stage of its development. Therefore, this growth cycle will be similar to the previous one.

However, on the last Sunday of the top coins showed not the best results in terms of profitability. Let’s hope that this is only an isolated case. More details search in our cryptodata.


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