Tomorrow — an unexpected critical gaming announcement

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Appeared on the official page in the social network one of the leading technology companies indicate teasers for the upcoming tomorrow’s the big announcement, which will please those for whom the smartphone is a tool not only for communication but also for games.

Qualcomm will present tomorrow a new gaming GPU Adreno Turbo?

Тизер Qualcomm

An unexpected series of teasers appeared on the official website of the Qualcomm’s Weibo, according to Ro (Ro) on the resource page One of them shows the chipset in the smartphone with the words “more smoothly” (“smoother”), “cooler” (“cooler”), smarter (“smarter”). Tomorrow the company will be made announcement concerning gaming technology, which could be a response to the recently announced company Huawei technology GPU GPU Turbo.

It is expected that similar advantages of the optimization, which was applied by Huawei, the new Qualcomm chips will be less warm, to work more efficiently and the game will be played more smoothly at higher frame rate.

Tomorrow it’ll be shown and new Qualcomm chipset?

It should also be the debut of a brand new chipset, though in this and doubts remain as teasers Qualcomm was designed for Chinese users, and a new chipset-so-famous companies would be an interesting announcement for all. However, the answer to this question will be announced tomorrow, July 25, 2018.

To discuss those qualities that users expect from the new graphics processors smartphones, readers can Telegram chat.

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