Tomorrow begins pre-booking for Mate 20 in Saudi Arabia

This theme tomorrow begins pre-booking for Mate 20 in Saudi Arabia appeared on Engadget.

Huawei announced now for the start of pre-booking for both phones Mate 20 وMate 20 Pro tomorrow, as the company has determined the pricing of both phones to the users of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Leaves a lot of users the launch of phones Mate 20 representative to the Arab markets, today confirmed pre-booking for the new versions in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia tomorrow, where Huawei offers users with first requests for pre-booking.

It is scheduled to come phone Mate 20 for the users of Saudi Arabia at a price 2399 Sar, while the Huawei phone Mate 20 Pro possible at a price 3299 SAR.Mate 20-pro

Phone Mate 20 Pro

Comes phone Mate 20 Pro from Huawei with a set of new features, along with techniques of distinctive design and stylish to users.

And Huawei design for car phone Mate 20 Pro that come under the signature of the Leica, where it combines the design of the box three of the sensors along with LED flash.

Mate 20 Pro-camera

Also offering Huawei in this version a special offer with a bottle of three-dimensional designed professionally from Huawei with curved edges and stylish design.

Mate 20 Pro-display

Also offer Huawei users three color gradient and elegant with black color, coat, emerald green, as the phone comes thin design complies with the wishes of the users in a slim design easy to carry in the palm of the hand.

Phone Mate 20 Pro will prompt the user to also protection standards with IP68, so users should not face a problem when phone fall in water or expose it to dust.

Also comes phone Mate 20 Pro with processor chip featured with the manufacture of 7 nm for the first time in smartphones, where support chip processor Kirin 980 the highest efficiency standards in the phone with the consumption of less energy.

Units offer Huawei feature communication networks LTE Cat.21 1.4 Gbps3, with fast download via Wi-Fi up to 1733 megabytes per second, with the advantage of calling high-speed networks, Wi-Fi.

Phone Mate 20 Pro featuring GPS technology with the highest efficiency and accuracy to support the user to select his destination quickly, it also has the phone battery capacity of 4200 mAh in support of the user for the longest time, where it supports the ability of battery technology artificial intelligence that works on the management of energy consumption in the phone optimally.

power-reverse-Mate 20 Pro

To charge a phone will be also the user’s technology characteristic at the Charger 40 W high speed from Huawei, supports charging by 70% in just 30 minutes, as there is for the user to choose another wireless charging capacity of 15W, or can be wireless charging of the phone for the last also.

Still Leica supports cameras Huawei technology featured in the filming, with the camera in the phone Mate 20 Pro featured a square design with an LED flash.

Mate 20-pro- -leica-camera

And supports the technology artificial intelligence in the whole car Mate 20 Pro with sensor a 40 megapixel sensor incl accurately 8 mega pixel camera with Lens telephoto, while the sensor II with a resolution of 20 mega pixel camera best landscape photography.

Facial recognition technology also come with artificial intelligence, and also on the phone with a clear three-dimensional the highest accuracy of the face of the user, the highest standards of protection and safety.

Also to support the standards of protection in the phone make Huawei a fingerprint sensor built-in screen, as the phone comes with the latest version of the user interface EMUI 9.0 to provide a distinctive experience for the user in the Application Manager in the phone interface.

Huawei also offers a distinctive group of cases to protect the phones Mate 20, which come in a range of designs and colors possible and suit a lot of tastes.

A lot of nurses and that provided by Huawei in phones, new Mate 20, so if you want to enjoy the experience of this new version, you can to start pre-booking tomorrow to enjoy the offerings and gifts to Huawei requests of the prior reservation.


This theme tomorrow begins pre-booking for Mate 20 in Saudi Arabia appeared on Engadget.

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