Tomorrow, the network will Beam the first hardwork. What will change for miners and users?

15 of the Beam will be the first hardwork. The update will come into force on the block under number 321 321, and its main task is to protect the network from ASIC miners. In this regard, the developers will change the hashing algorithm, and introduce a few small innovations. Tell what to expect from the fork and how to continue mine Beam after the event.

Coveted block number, the developers announced in advance. It opened on 16 July, nearly a month before the procedure.

At the same time of the planned hard forks has been known for a long time. Representatives of the project in advance announced that it will hold one or two hard forks to combat the presence of ASIC miners in the network. The second hardwork now in question, but in which case it will be held next summer.

Important point: the current hardwork directed against ASIC miners. It is not associated with alvingham. The plan was for the reduction of rewards from 80 to 40 coins per block will be held after a year of operation of the network Beam. That is, waiting for the first halving tentatively in January 2020.

The contents

Hardwork Beam. What will change?

All can distinguish three main innovations.

  1. the transition from PoW-Beam algorithm Hash Hash I to Beam II;
  2. mandatory use of SBBS for new wallets;
  3. changes of the minimum fee by default.

Parse them in detail.

A new algorithm for Beam

The algorithm of mining Beam do change: place Hash the I Beam is a Beam of Hash II. The main task of the shift is opposition to ASIC, so the changes cannot be called radical. Even the developers note that many aspects of the algorithm remain the same.

In short, and difficult: the developers will change EquihashR-parameters. n = 150, k = 5, while r = 3, then there is a component of Blake2b is reduced by eight times. The illustration below shows the sequence StepRow for BeamHashII.

Source: Medium

For comparison, we can look at the template Equihash 150.5.

Source: Medium

In short and simple: the developers know their job and do exactly what you need. Well ASIC-miners in the near future the network will not appear.

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System SBBS

SBBS stands for Secure Bulletin Board — now it will be used in all new wallets. But to understand its purpose, you need to remember the basics.

The Protocol Mimblewimble, which is used in Beam, no addresses, so transactions are created between the participants of the translation interactively. In the end, if Sasha and Masha would like to exchange coins in their wallets should be able to connect to the network and perform the desired action. But direct connection is impractical, because the user can not always get online.

SBBS solves this problem and allows you to receive payments offline. Now everything is the same as in the network of Bitcoin or Ethereum. Moreover, by default.

Commission Beam

Now the minimum fee the default will be 100 Groth [1 BEAM = 100 million Groth]. The value is calculated by (10 * number of cores + 10 * number of outputs).

How to prepare for the hard forks Beam

It’s simple: you need to update your software to at least version 3.0. Updates wallets ready. Download them here:

What do the miners

Miners need to Gminer update to the latest version. The program downloaded in this archive, password — 2miners.

Correct .bat file for mining Beam for mining-pool 2Miners looks like.

miner.exe --algo beamhash --server 5252 --port 1 --ssl --user YOUR_ADDRESS.RIG_ID --pass x

Don’t be surprised —algo beamhash means that miner will automatically switch from Beam to Beam I Hash Hash II.


Also don’t forget to put your wallet instead of YOUR_ADDRESS and good name of the farm is RIG_ID.


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