Tomorrow .. WhatsApp will Backup Backup that is not updated since a year

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Despite the fact that the storage space for the backup application WhatsApp and private messages to users. Is stored for free on space free offered by Google, in agreement with Whatsapp.
Except that the app is coming back tomorrow to clean those occupied spaces of the user not interested in things backup.

Was WhatsApp have noted in the past, it’s in the process of deleting old backups that have not been updated for 12 months, and on November 12 to do the job of deleted images, videos, messages your users ‘ archives on Google Drive.

If it matters to you. And you have an old backup copy has been 11 months and I want to keep it without the update, we recommend you to attention and you’ll do it tomorrow, then update, and a new backup of messages, photos and videos Backup to avoid the deletion.

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Tomorrow .. WhatsApp will Backup Backup that is not updated since a year

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