TON network will launch in October 2019. Otherwise, the contracts for the tokens can cancel

Contracts for the purchase of tokens Gram from Telegram can be terminated if the network is Open Network Telegram TON will not run until 31 October 2019. In a Cointelegraph was a document evidencing the respective terms of the contracts. The agreement describes in detail the legal niceties of acquiring Gram tokens and rules for their allocation to different jurisdictions.

Although the document contains the name of the founder of the encrypted messenger Telegram Pavel Durov, no signatures and dates are not there. But there is an address Harneys — law firm in the British virgin Islands, where the Telegram has legal representation. The text also speaks of the intentions immediately after the development and launch of new blockchain-TON platform Network to create and produce a new digital currency called Grams.

Not so long ago we wrote that TON is planned to launch around March of this year. However, a little later on Cointelegraph wrote that Pavel Durov is not ready to announce a specific launch date. According to the Russian source of The Bell, investors informed about the readiness Telegram Open Network at 90 percent, however, due to the “innovative development” the case could be delayed.

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13 February 2018 Pavel and Nikolai Durov reported to the SEC attracted about 850 million dollars from 81 investors in first round ICO. As stated in the documents, funding for the “development of the blockchain TON, as well as the development and maintenance of Telegram messenger”.

In October 2018 it was also reported that Telegram will launch a test version of the platform already TON of “this fall”. Apparently, then, meant the fall of 2019. More data look at cryptodata.

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