Tony Weiss: in 2019 you need to only invest in Bitcoin

Journalists Cointelegraph recently took an exclusive interview with one of the most prominent supporters of Bitcoin Tony Weiss. Most of the questions dealt with the expectations of the expert relative to 2019 and forecasts of growth of the cryptocurrency.

This time Weiss did not fill its audience with frightening predictions about the new fall of Bitcoin. On the contrary, the analyst believes that in 2019, the coin very well show themselves. But the fate of the altcoins are not to be envied — it is unlikely that they will grow in the future. According to Weiss, rely on. can only holders of Bitcoin.

It is time to buy Bitcoin

This bearish trend is quite unlike previous cycles of falling market. First of all, in 2014 there was not yet the so great “bubble altcoins”, which was inflated in 2017. In any case, the “bubble altcoins will never be back,” Weiss doesn’t believe in x’s on all coins except Bitcoin.

Moreover, even the top violas still have to fall. For example, the Ethereum may return to the level of 20 cents. According to Tony Weiss, to believe now in eye-popping profits simply stupid.

But Bitcoin really be able to please a good x, because in 2019, “he separated from the rest of digital assets”.

2019 will be the year of the beginning of a bullish trend. This time we have sicani, scalability and privacy. Can’t wait for a new wave of growth!

Source: Bitcoinist

The view of the expert supported another cryptanthus Jimmy song. It turns out that many startups are already halfway to her death. With more than thousands of projects left the industry forever. Recall, record sales of reserves Ethereum ICO teams. Now they have created a company have no real value in the world and bring only losses.

Today Bitcoin is trading at $ 3780. Capitalization of cryptocurrencies a little more than $ 66 billion.


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  2. Wow, this was awesome Keep writing this kind of stories, you will get a lot of people to this text if you continue working on this

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