Tool hack for iPhone available baby$ 100

The position of the apple of consultation and refused to open the iPhone to U.S. authorities, has created a profitable market for tools that help to bypass the encryption and penetration devices, such as the performance developed by company Cellebrite Israeli in favor of the agency, the FBI of America, and now it appeared that performance on the e-store eBay price of$ 100 only, which is a problem.

This performance allows a back door for the security services to access information in the devices closed, so that through it can extract massive amount of data, even data that has been deleted from the phones, and you may be helped in solving crimes and security issues in many of the time, but they reach the wrong hands like what is happening now, which is dangerous.

Devices to override encryption for iPhone unlock it from a company Cellebrite available in several models with prices starting from 5,000 to 15,000 dollars for the new, while women used baby sold at prices starting from$ 100 which is the amount of extremely cheap relative to the price of the new version.

This performance does not allow only to open iPhone but also phones operating system Android, while the version available for sale at eBay still contain data taken from phones within the scope of criminal investigations, including personal information and lists of contact or chat.

Source: Ebay

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