Tools to help you implement your idea on the ground at the lowest possible cost

Tools to help you implement your idea on the ground at the lowest possible cost


Each work of his own skills and techniques of entrepreneurship is of major importance in understanding the tools of the sport eat, since it’s a set of skills that can be through which entrepreneurs move through it in their projects, and according to what is available from the tools of entrepreneurship, and the importance of these tools, this article will cover a lot of concepts about the tools of entrepreneurship. We not only provided the tools of entrepreneurship only, but we’ll put you on or the road that puts you on the opinion level about any possible tools used to convert your idea into reality, be with us.

Let’s start now introduced a set of tools:

1 – your project is a wax luminous in the universe:

We believe that your project is a lifeline for a class targeted by the project, this is one of the most important tools of entrepreneurship, they must luck your project with interest and the class or layer of the people. If not don’t ask your project now, ask yourself first, why do some people pay attention to my idea this is?

2 – Put your stuff and get to work:

Don’t go overboard a lot of the time, I found the answer to the previous question, never in the composition of the conception of your project, and technology entrepreneurship; listen to stories of success or failure of them was the race in your field. If it will help you to acquire appropriate expertise, and will have to dive in the dangers already referred to others and to yourself, Can I bypass those?

3 – moved from the stage of listening to the negotiation stage :

What is the optimal shape that can be my idea to be in the draft? This is the question that you must answer it, which explained the tools of entrepreneurship that have already put it above, the idea in the picture which will keep these, put the appropriate detail that will make people accept it better.

4 – development and then development and then development repeat always:

You can for random to work always? Of course not, had luck once but will not stand, always with you; so the business model “”Business Model Canvas is one of the tools of entrepreneurship that make your project more organized, since will help you this tool from tools-rad business to understand customers, as well as physical evaluations of the project whether they expected their spending or updated in the cave, its profit, as it gives you the success rate altogether, and prepare for the challenges ahead.

5. the founding partners (choose your partner as if you choose your partner):

The most important decision you can take is with respect to the pass; therefore, you should prevail a state of optimism among all partners, taking into account the technical side of the skills, but this should not make you overlook the ability to think together, to solve any problem that might arise.

6 – employment:

The test of competency to work with you is very important; so don’t rely on staffing companies; the work requires not just talented employees only, but must also be able to negotiate or cooperate among themselves to achieve the integration necessary for the success of the company in its letter. Therefore, dear listener, should ask yourself a question when recruiting new employees: what drives employee xx work for you? In case you ended administrative privileges and material inducements, can those employees qualified to accept they join your company due to the efficiency of team work, this is in addition to the value of the functions performed by the company.

7 – make development of the Constitution:

The birth of your company is the moment won’t happen again, so make sure to make them always ready, lay out the rules of what ensures the continued innovation and development

8 – the effect of the customer top ten:

When you have a fan base, you can simply spread and attract more users, as to allow good publicity among the people said on the forum, and have your customers new. Perhaps this is what happens when you join new users to the network Facebook as a result of the use of their friends don’t, but this rule will not be effective unless the product value to its users first.

9. start small and then monopolized the market:

When you decide to Start, know that choosing a company to an emerging market is very limited, makes you dominate this market, which is better for you than to try to enter into the realm of large market is fiercely competitive with major companies, we get then only a foothold for you. The significance of the small market in that it consists of a small group of customers, serve them a few of the contenders or not serve them at all; which makes the monopoly of this market is within reach. Perhaps the experience eBay eBay benefit in knowing this; for though possessing the means of monopoly to transfer money quickly and securely via a Palm Pilot PalmPilot, customers were scattered around the world and use their devices irregularly, which called eBay to focus its attention on the auction, and after three months it has only 25% of their former customers but they were in need of eBay already, and that was a small market a monopoly on eBay alone.

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10 – we superior became the future, and don’t be a copycat history does not repeat itself

Back people’s desire to mimic successful models to easily follow the steps known in advance, however, everything that happened today can’t be repeated tomorrow; you won’t find today’s innovative offering us lab groups yesterday, not Bill جيتسBill Gates new invent a different operating system, and will not live Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg created a new way to connect such as Facebook, Facebook; so I learned the lessons well and try not to repeat them.

Development of two types; one is horizontal, which introduces a slight evolution in the ideas already exist, and for the secular, and China towards the imitation of the American model. And the other is vertical progress, which required new ideas, and about technology, and he and Dale Silicon Silicon Valley the technology capital, which is working to deliver innovative projects with a unique character which is called Starting from the point zero to one.

Who are working on horizontal progress are in the field of full competition; as they sell the products themselves, and are subject to the law of supply and demand, and appropriate them, herniated between their profits, which diminished to some extent the exit of some competitors from competition, nor can any institution make a profit in the long run.

In contrast to that comes the celebration; it means having a company characterized by progress, including to the extent of standing in other institutions unable to provide a substitute product or similar, can you remember the market, determines the price for which he sells them and the quantity of the opposition. Here it is clear that all enterprise content is different from the instance of, for example, Google Inc., which distinguished itself from Yahoo Yahoo ومايكروسوفتMicrosoft superior ability in the field of search engines. While competing US carriers to accommodate the aviation market, and a profit estimated at 37 cents just about every passenger.

So you have to answer seven questions before making the decision to create your company:

  • Can You industry technology revolution or will they just improve?
  • Is this the right time to create your project?
  • Do you start with a market share of little?
  • Do you have a team appropriate?
  • Do you have an innovative way of distribution?
  • You will continue your project for 15 or 20 years to come?
  • Did you know a secret not known to anyone before?


At the end of this article belong to we have lit the candle in order to turn your idea into a successful project, in which tools necessary for the administration of the business.


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