Top 10 apps-schedulers for Android

In today’s world we are constantly being dumped a lot of cases and some of us simply forget something from information overload. Someone in order not to miss important business, use Notepad or stickers with pen or pencil. But we have to hand down our smartphone! Why not plan your day with the help of specialized application schedulers? It is about them we will tell you about.

In this article we have collected 10 best apps that will help you plan your day and nothing is overlooked. All apps are free and do not show any ads, that in itself is very nice.

Todoist has a simple and intuitive interface, and customize task lists is pretty easy. Just write what you need to do, set the deadline and the mark of the priority which has 4 different levels. The app also has a reminder feature on the upcoming “the deadline”.

This app makes it super easy to add tasks, organize them into lists, and assign due dates. But the best part of the program is the function “plan your day”, which makes you do everything that you do not forget to do what you need. It is also good integration with Google calendars and Outlook.

Google Tasks is a special application for managing tasks, which offers great opportunities for creating to-do lists. Google Tasks has a signature minimalist “Google” interface. In addition, the extremely useful option of the program is “subtasks”, allowing to break big things into smaller ones. About the integration with the search giant and can not speak. All performed at the highest level.

Microsoft To-Do was developed by the creators of Wunderlist (which is a very popular and powerful scheduler). Microsoft To-Do is a fully cloud-based service that is seamlessly integrated with Office 365. Adding tasks to your To-Do is fast and easy. It also allows you to organize to-do lists and assign them priority of execution.

Like any other good app to build a to-do list, Asana allows you to create subtasks, and recurring tasks with a specified interval. Asana also has a set of project templates that you can customize to create lists, which include long-term planning, projects, and even painting the order of the day for dieters.

Wunderlist is the most visually appealing and one of the most popular planners. However, as already mentioned, the authors are now working on a similar development for Microsoft, as the company bought makers of Wunderlist. Therefore, this application can be closed at any time. However, you can add tasks, subtasks, and set a deadline. Wunderlist allows you to sort tasks and track them according to certain criteria.

Trello is the most popular application for managing large projects. You can create your to-do list and keep track of it as you complete tasks, watch out for the unfinished part of the work and assign responsibility for its performance.

In addition to the traditional functions, task scheduler, referred to in the preceding paragraphs, this app is for self-organization acts as a virtual assistant. You can include such functions as “irritating” alert (alerts every 2 minutes until the task is complete), to adhere to the deadlines through the launch countdown and so on.

One of the “apps of the old-timers” in our today’s collection. Concurrently, it is also one of the most simple applications-schedulers. You can create tasks, organize them in lists and set priority. Also you can track the progress and progress of their implementation. A bonus would be the ability to make a shopping list (hence the name of the program).

“The important is seldom urgent and the urgent is seldom important” — President Dwight Eisenhower.

App Ike uses so-called “Eisenhower method” in order to help you prioritize on the basis of two criteria: urgency and importance. It has a simple and intuitive interface with four sections that allow you to concentrate on the fulfilment of certain items. This will give you a better idea of what needs to be done in the first place. Ike allows you to manage tasks with intuitive gestures. You can also set deadlines, reminders, and location data to specific tasks, so that nothing is forgotten.

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