Top 10 Games announced by Nintendo during the E3 Expo 2019

The company (Nintendo) Nintendo Japanese of the oldest and most important global companies, the developer of the games, and play, and even though she stopped years ago about the press conferences of the big announcement about her new, but the live streaming provided by on the sidelines of its participation in the exhibition E3 2019; was impressive for all those interested in the games.

Nintendo announced a number of great new games, new updates for months her toys, but surprise most remarkable in this event is the announcement of a new part of the game Legend of Zelda; which will feature the game’s protagonist Link, and the Princess (Zelda) Zelda.

The following are the top 10 Games announced by Nintendo during the E3 Expo 2019:

1 – update the game Super Smash Bros Ultimate:

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The company announced that the hero of the game Dragon Quest will be joining the Super Smash Bros Ultimate combat as a warrior again, which will lead to the formation of a strange team of heroes.

In addition; they will also characters String Banjo-Kazooie – fighting with swords, magic, or special abilities to solve puzzles – to the game this fall, which will help in the development of the game dramatically, as Will the characters, and thus will increase the possibilities of the team.

2 – the game Luigi’s Mansion 3:

Wasn’t the series Luigi’s Mansion previously of Nintendo games old, but it seems that the latest version may help in the transfer of power to new heights, and will bring the new version between horror, comedy in the context of interesting.

The game is set in a mysterious haunted; go to Mario Mario, and Luigi Luigi, the وPeach, and soon they find themselves surrounded by ghosts and they fighting back. the company has developed a weapon (Luigi) Luigi, who is called the Poltergust G-00 to be able to absorb the ghosts inside of him.

Include game a new character called Gooigi; a player can help Luigi overcome obstacles that he cannot overcome alone, so expected to be playing in collaboration with a friend of yours.

Also supports game a new mode called the ScareScraper, which allows you to engage in a race to search for the ghost, and face the challenges in the floors of the hotel with up to 8 players.

Did not specify the company after the date of the launch of the game, beyond saying it will be available on the Switch later this year.

3 – game The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening:

Looks like the new version of the game dazzled more than ever, and the story is about a hero called Link; where the sinking of his ship, to wake up and finds himself on the island of Koholint mysterious with a population of strangers, and out of this island, you must collect the tools of the magical parts of the island, Awakening The Wind Fish to help him uncover the secrets of the island hidden, to be able to escape.

Also supports the new version a new situation lets you design dungeons to play through it. Has select Nintendo the date of issuance of the game on 20 September 2019.

4 – the game The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt:

The longer the game The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt; one of the best roleplaying games of the past decade, has told Nintendo that this game has won more than 250 awards.

It should be noted that the game was released for the first time in 2015, which is of the type action games, and customize roles, and it’s set in a fantasy world of fuzzy, will be able to close the game during development, where the company announced the arrival of the full version of the game, including all its updates to your Switch.

Although the company did not specify release date yet, but it is expected to release later this year.

5 – game Resident Evil 5 & 6:

Nintendo revealed that during the autumn of this year; you can game versions, fifth, and sixth of the game Resident Evil famous on a Switch, depends versions on the method of Correction of the third-person perspective Third-person shooter.

6 – game No More Heroes 3:

After a long wait; the company will launch the second version of the series No More Heroes over the next year. Where would Travis Touchdown to the city of Santa Destroy fiction after an absence of ten years, to make an artificial island is a huge floating in the sea, and the body of the mysterious bird hovering high, trying to face him.

7 – the game Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games:

You can through this game join Mario, وSonic, and all their friends in the greatest adventure of their own in the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, exclusively on your Nintendo Switch in November 2019.

You can get the gold medal and you compete in sports, motion-filled, including 4 sports competitions completely new, in addition to a large range of sports competitions classic.

8 – the game Animal Crossing New Horizons:

This game is considered of the leading games produced by users of the device Nintendo Switch, and has identified Nintendo launch date of no earlier this year, but postponed the material to be March 20, 2020.

Spin the events of the game in a deserted island, where you can build a new society, through the collection of resources that you can manufactured to be tools that help you to live on the island.

9 – game Contra Rogue Corps:

Think this game of combat games that rely on the use of weapons to beat the aliens in a chaotic world, offering you options to play individual or collective.

Game Contra Rogue Corps is the experience of the game fun whether you are alone or with your friends, will be on a Nintendo Switch; on 24 September.

10 – a new part of the game The Legend of Zelda:

At the end of the event; blew up Nintendo’s surprise about her work on a new part of the game Legend of Zelda, which will be a direct sequel to Army issued several years ago on a Switch titled The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Appears in the video trailer game hero Link, and Princess (Zelda) Zelda, in an attempt to explore a mysterious place, and it seems they will face a villain coming back to life again.

No longer detect a new part under development is surprising, because it’s only been two years since Nintendo launched the part”Breath of the Wild”, is expected to be a major factor in the increase in device sales Nintendo Switch.

It should be noted that the game Legend of Zelda; one of the most selling games for your Switch, it is located under the category of Motion games, adventure.


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