Top 10 information we know about the Galaxy S10

Expected to confer the Samsung Galaxy S10 next big updates in terms of design and functionality on a range of phones leading Korean company, has confirmed a recent report to the agency Bloomberg, the number of information about them, which is as follows:

3 copies

There will be three models of the Galaxy S10.

According to the analyst, the famous Ming-Chi Kuo, Samsung intends to submit three copies of the Galaxy S10 next, to be screen sizes of 5.8 inches and 6.1 inches, 6.4 inches, where would come one of the women at an economical price with a flat-screen without the parties to the curved.

An additional copy supports 5G

There could be another variant that supports new ultra-high-speed 5G networks.

Likely be available two versions of the Galaxy S10 Plus bulk, where you pay one fifth-generation networks, which is confirmed by one of the leaks that come from the update last case S9 Plus, which means support for higher speeds on the internet mobile networks

Fingerprint reader below the screen

Rumors are suggesting that the Galaxy S10 will have a front-facing fingerprint scanner underneath the display.

May be the reader insight compact the bottom of the screen is one of the more isotropic wait in the Galaxy S10, which is confirmed by many rumors, where there will be two copies of the three categories of the phone the flagship killer.

A completely new design

DJ Koh has said the Galaxy S10 design will have

Refer many of the leaks to continue Samsung to way you can hide the front camera to the bottom of the screen, which means no need for a tip top, in addition, confirmed a number of analysts of the coming of the S10 screen no parties.

Will not expect to hear calls traditional

The Galaxy S10 won't have a traditional earpiece.

Will come Galaxy S10 with headset top traditional, just leaks ET News, will broadcast the voice calls to the authorized user directly without having to hear, but the across frequencies are broadcast from the same screen, which means not having to open headphones in the upper end of the company, what once again confirms the advent of the Tea Party is extremely small.

Camera background three

It might have a camera with three lenses.

Confirmed all the recent leaks coming Galaxy S10 with the 3 rear cameras and two cameras front and you’ll be rear lens additional accurately 16 maps with marriage, Super offer, addition to the presence of the other lens accurately 12 maps for training visual while would be the lens standard wide-angle.

As for the dual camera front, it will allow you to capture a photo with the insulation with the ability to be adjusted after capture.

Face recognition dimensions of the tripartite

The Galaxy S10 might a have 3D face scanner to unlock your phone, similar to Apple's Face ID system.

Samsung held a recent partnership with the company Mantis Vision that works in the area of cameras sensor three-dimensional, which may leave them for coming Galaxy S10 with a new technique for on the face three dimensionally.

Kill the headphone port

According to the report of Bloomberg, it probably won’t come Galaxy S10 with the headphone port, although recent leaks suggest the lack of resolving Samsung for its decision in this matter.

The specification of the next generation

It'll come with next-gen specs.

Coming Galaxy S10 in its version of America at the rate of the treatment centre 855 the newest and most powerful addition to the latest and most powerful processors access the new in the Middle East, there are also techniques to make all of the RAM and tweak the internal storage faster, to increase the performance of the phone.

An updated version of the interface Experience with Android 9.0

Coming Galaxy S10 with the latest version of Android 9.0 Pie with interface Experience 10.0 that you will get many of the updates and design and characteristics.

Declaration of the end of February 2019

It's likely to be released around March, but the price tag is unknown.

Expected to be unveiled Galaxy S10 through the end of February and early March, such as the Galaxy S9, with regard to prices, start at $ 720 (2,700 SR), with the prospect of the advent of the women’s economic self-flat screen at a lower price.

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