Top 10 profitable cryptocurrency in 2019. What are they?

Although Bitcoin is showing very good momentum in the last couple of weeks in terms of profitability it is not even in the top five in 2019. This place was promising altcoins. Deal with the list.

The contents

Binance Coin, Ticker BNB +475%

In April, the coin from the biggest crypto currency exchange Binance first struck its historical maximum from January 2018. Even hacking Binance and the loss of 41 million dollars did not keep the growth of the BNB. A few days ago, the coin just struck a new high. Thus, in just 5 months, the asset showed an increase of 475 percent.

Tezos XTZ — +255%

2018 for Tezos was difficult for many reasons. Just before you start mannet in September, the market capitalization of the coin has lost $ 170 million. It seems that now many of the problems behind. In March, coin in just 3 days has increased by 70 percent. This growth has not ended. At the moment, an increase from the beginning of the year is 255 percent.

Litecoin LTC — +254%

Litecoin this year is racing forward. Steady gain from month to month has allowed the asset to break into the top three cryptocurrencies in 2019. And considering that in August will happen long-awaited halving reward, who knows to what heights will get LTC?


Bitcoin Cash BCH — +166%

Hardwork Bitcoin Cash in November 2018, led to a bitter war of Harrachov, the consequences of which were felt for a long time. Because of this, the company Bitmain has “delayed” its IPO and even fired the General Director of Cihan Wu. However, all these problems have not prevented Bitcoin Cash to recover and get in the top 5 most profitable cryptocurrency.

EOS — +158%

The top five of the coins with the largest market capitalization of project EOS. Platform for decentralized applications and smart contracts have repeatedly hit the headlines this year. Especially after co-founder Dan Larimer has threatened to “break” the network of Bitcoin and Ethereum. As they say, bad publicity is also publicity.

And who hit the “top ten”?

6 line rating was Bitcoin , an increase of 134 percent. The project Cardano has almost doubled, brought investors 106% and took 7th place. 8 line was Dash, who grew exactly twice. Monero on the 9th position showed the dynamics at 93 percent, well and closes the top ten leaders of the Ethereum. The project Baterina brought 91 percent of the profits, which is also a good result taking into account the fall of cryptorhynchus for a year and a half.


Remember that prices and indicators of daily growth is in the class ranking of cryptocurrencies. Share in our cryptodata of hontarovwhat coins are in your portfolio and why you chose them?

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