Top 10 technology equipment released in 2019 so far

As we approached the end of the first half of 2019; we find that many of the technical companies has launched a huge number of versions, and hardware technical representative and innovative, starting from the Android phones which includes a large number of cameras, and tablets as possible, and new versions of operating systems, headsets, wireless, and even virtual reality glasses wireless, and much more.

With the arrival of many technical devices to users, shows the power of competition between the major tech companies, where she managed the company OnePlus (OnePlus) China’s plans to its competitors in the market of Android phones with a phone representative (OnePlus 7 Pro) OnePlus 7 Pro; and a variety of ways, while tending the Samsung series of phones flagship (Galaxy S 10) Galaxy S10, as well as Apple’s new version of the headset by wireless AirPods, which is long overdue.

Here are the top 10 technology equipment released through 2019 so far:

1 – camera DJI Osmo Action:

أبرز 10 أجهزة تقنية صدرت في عام 2019 حتى الآن

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Dominated by company DJI Chinese aircraft market that operate without a pilot, but after the announced the camera Osmo Action – which is the first camera dedicated to the movement – has entered into strong competition with the company GoPro is the leader in the manufacture of this type of cameras.

Feature camera Osmo Action sensor measuring 1/2.3 inch, able to capture images with 12-megapixel camera, and export videos in 4K, and 4K HDR.

Come this camera; lens design supports filters neutral density (ND) to capture the best shots in the skies are bright, it is also dust resistant, anti-shock and falling from a distance of 5 feet, and waterproof up to 11 meters, or 60 meters with a special casing.

The most important characteristic of a camera Osmo Action they compete camera Hero 7 Black from GoPro in all of the features, the price, where the price up to 349 USD only, while up the price of the GoPro camera to $ 400.

2 – headphones Beats Powerbeats Pro:

The Apple in AirPods; these headphones wireless great to a great extent, but if you haven’t bought it yet, you can take a look at headphones Powerbeats Pro New provided by pizza Beats is owned by Apple.

Includes headphones Powerbeats Pro, many of the same techniques provided by Apple recently with the new version of the headphones AirPods, including: function, voice assistant (Siri) Siri without using hands, and the Apple product H1 of the new, which provides a connection of improved time faster connection.

This headset comes with a stylish design, and shared his headphones Powerbeats wired, each earphone contains a buckle ear included, with tools to control the sound and track, and isolate external noise.

And the heavens on account of the light it can turn on or off the music pauses when you put the headphones the ear, or removed from the ear, as it comes with the box black in color used a separate Lightning re-charging, unlike the AirPods, the return of wireless charging is not available.

Featuring headphones Powerbeats Pro Wireless it’s not compressed like headphones AirPods, but provides a better voice, longer battery life, where it can last 9 hours on a single charge for 5 hours only in headphones AirPods.

3 – computers iPad mini 5 and iPad Air 3:

أبرز 10 أجهزة تقنية صدرت في عام 2019 حتى الآن

It may not seem the fifth generation of the device (iPad mini) iPad mini, the second generation of the device (iPad Air) iPad Air – new versions entirely, but their improvement in terms of internal specifications, and thus there has been a significant improvement in performance.

Besides the differences in screen size, works both processor A12 Bionic, which means that they offer similar performance to perform the iPhone to 2018, including the iPhone XS and iPhone XR, which confirms that these tablet computers will be a quick performance for many years to come.

In addition, so enjoy these devices battery life is long, and support the first generation of Pen Apple Mail Apple Pencil, as Will the new operating system (iPad or ABS) iPadOS; for these devices through out the continent, which will have many new features.

4. the vacuum cleaner Dyson V11:

مكنسة dyson-v11

Company features (Dyson) Dyson; the power of vacuum cleaners that they offer, and their designs unique that are different from other cleaners on the market, but the most important characteristic for vacuum cleaner Dyson V11; they vacuum cleaner wireless, enjoy freedom of movement, and provide multiple uses for deep cleaning all the places.

No different vacuum cleaner V11 from a previous version no – vacuum cleaner V10 – in terms of design, but its got a number of new features, including: the power of suction is higher by 20%, and a dust greater by 40% in order to experience cleaning a more comprehensive and larger, LCD screen know battery life is instantaneous, and the time of operation, the performance of the device.

It also allows you to vacuum cleaner Dyson V11 easily switch between modes for different cleaning, which includes three modes are: Eco, and Auto, and Boost.

5 – phone a Pixel 3a XL and Pixel 3 XL:

While all smartphone manufacturers were busy to offer more features to justify the high price, move Google in the opposite direction, where I announced my phone Pixel 3a XL and Pixel 3a, the specifications and advantages of less, while maintaining the quality of the camera, overall no phone Pixel 3a XL is one of the best phones category available on the market until now.

Salient feature in new phones; they protect the rear camera itself existing in the phone Pixel 3 XL , whose price reaches up to press, a camera mono accurately 12.2-megapixel sensor, and a lens of f/1.8, and feature HDR, Auto Focus, and Night Sight, وSuper Res Zoom to capture professional pictures in low light conditions.

It also comes two phones with separate clear of the traditional 3.5 mm, which was abandoned by Google in a series of phones Pixel 3.

The phone Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, three colors are: black, white, purple, and a starting price of $ 399 for Pixel 3a, which comes with a 5.6-inch, priced at 479 dollars for Pixel 3a XL, which protects the screen of 6 inches.

6 – headphones AirPods 2:

سماعات Airpods

Apple launched during the month of March last; the second generation of wireless earbuds (Air best) AirPods, which comes with the box wireless charging is optional, longer battery life, with the support of a lot of features, integration with a voice assistant (Siri) Siri.

Despite not adding any improvements to the sound quality, or the time of the hearing, except that the second generation of earphones AirPods, considered the best headphones wireless most people.

Needs the second generation of wireless earbuds to design the CD itself, while maintaining the ease of communication, long battery life like the original version, and adds features to controller new in voice assistant, just to say “Hey Siri” to ask for help, without having to use the iPhone.

The price of the second version of the headphones AirPods with Box Shipping wired standard $ 159, while the going price to $ 199 with a tray for wireless charging of new. You can also buy a pack of wireless charging new, which supports all versions of headphones AirPods, priced at $ 79.

7 – Nest Hub Max screen smart with a camera:

شاشة Nest Hub Max

Google announced during the annual conference of developers Google I/O this year, for the rename series devices Google Home to determine the name (Google Nest), also announced a new product that joins to the series, it is a device (Nest Hub Max) at a price of 229 USD.

The device is a combination of camera Nest, Google Home Hub, and Google Home Max, where the security camera, and smart, and speakers in one tool. Unlike devices Home Hub, this device features a built-in camera of it, can recognize her face to show the results of the custom among members of the family.

8 – the Galaxy S10:

هواتف Galaxy-S10

The company announced the Samsung during the month of February last; the series phones Galaxy S10, which included 4 new phones : the Galaxy S10, the Galaxy S10 Plus, and Galaxy S10E, besides the phone supports the networks of the fifth generation, and the name of the Galaxy S10 5G.

Given the passage of ten years on the launch of the first phone of the category of Galaxy S, has Samsung has added many new features to the series, to promote the new phones as a stunningly elegant, and full of many advanced features.

Samsung made in this series of big screen without the edge, the camera has multiple uses, strong performance and fast, battery great, with support for Fast Charging, Wireless, In addition to support wireless charging feature reverse Wireless PowerShare, which allows for charging phones, and other smart devices wirelessly through your phone.

9 – the Oculus Quest:

Think glasses Oculus Quest First System games (all in one) all-in-one virtual reality, it acts as an independent computer capable of running games, applications, without computer, no wires, so as to take advantage of internal components powerful. You only need to adjust the settings using the application (Oculus) to the mobile phone, and you will get a headset, controllers and translate each step to virtual reality.

Provide system control display resolution up to 1600 x 1440 pixel resolution for each eye, with the Adjust exchange lenses, and lenses similar to the lenses of the Oculus Go, has claimed its manufacturer it is best.

Used glasses four compact cameras, system of tracking Oculus Insight in order to move, and when walking of the user or focuses, and actions similar, the unit supports the control of the type Oculus Touch, Input new ones, to improve the performance of virtual reality games VR.

10 – phone OnePlus 7 Pro:

هاتف one-pluse-7-pro

Miss the company (OnePlus) OnePlus on all manufacturers of Android phones until now, her phone is possible (OnePlus 7 Pro) OnePlus 7 Pro, which comes with the specifications are great, and the price of homes, where starts the price of the phone from 669 dollars only, while the latest smart phones from Apple, or Samsung, or Huawei come twice this price.

Phone OnePlus 7 Pro with the latest processors Qualcomm, the fastest Snapdragon 855, where the performance is 45% higher than the previous one, as it supports fast charging capacity of 30 watts, the system includes a cooling liquid; in order to enable users to play longer, and, accordingly, this phone combines ultra-high performance, right price, making it one of the most important handsets launched by 2019, until now.

Perhaps the most important characteristic of the phone support screen address update capacity of 90 hertz, and thus is one of the first screens, that offer this knowledge in the smart phone market, destined for consumers in general, not fans of games only, in addition to the lack of any (bump) Notch in the screen, where the front camera is a camera popup, and hidden within the structure of the device, show only when you need it, the goal is to allow the company to extend the edge of the screen to reach the edge of the device, without any slots, or the protrusion of the camera, and the screen on the edge of the left and right to the inside of the frame just like: phones Samsung Galaxy leading.


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