Top 10 trending smartphones of the week

Colleagues from gsmarena provided a list of the top 10 trending smartphones of the week. Leaders this week expected the new Apple smartphones.

The first three lines located the iPhone XS Max, iPhone, iPhone XS and XR. Previously took the first place Poco F1, which is now located on the 4th place. Fifth place went Redmi 6 Pro (the machine last week was located at the 3 position).

On the sixth line vivo V11 (V11 Pro) a week ago, the smartphone was in fifth place. The rating dropped Note 9 and Oppo F9 (7 and 8), which were located on the 4th and 2nd place respectively.

Because of new iPhone customers and decided to recall about iPhone X, which is located on the 9th place. Suffered greatly Redmi Note 5 Pro, which dropped by 4 positions from 6th place to last.

It’s funny that in the list of LG smartphones, HTC, Sony — companies that have set a trend around the market. This rating shows the current consumer interest in smartphones: iPhone, Samsung and Chinese phones. LG, HTC and Sony out of the picture.

According to the materials gsmarena

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