Top 20 best Android apps (2019)

In Google Play published about 2 million applications, which is sufficient for all who purchase Android smart phone in search of a quality third-party solutions. However, the main page of Google, in my opinion, is not ideal. A lot of quality applications, the company bypasses. We will help to find worthwhile solutions and present the best application 2019.

They will be useful to anyone who needs high-quality Wallpapers on desktop. Both apps created by one developer, the quality is pretty high. The first Wallpaper for the OLED display, and the second for all others.

This is a great app for screen recording in high quality. Separately want to note the excellent design in style Material 2.0.

For fans of third-party launchers have some very interesting solutions: Lawnchair and Hyperion Launcher. The first is similar to Pixel-launcher, but offers additional functionality (custom icons, themes, regulation of mesh size, gestures and more). The second support customization of fonts, log in to the application for the fingerprint scanner, the detailed configuration of the.

This app is probably best to replace the familiar navigation gestures. To hide the old navigation required Root access or PC in the application there is an instruction to remove the navigation using the PC.

Using PlayJ can be broadcast to friends record the screen in different applications. It is an advanced analog of Skype for Android.

Screens become more and more, this app will help to solve the problem of using smartphones with one hand. The lower part dedicated cursor control, and at the top is the cursor.

The location of the quick settings in the upper area of the screen is not very convenient due to the desire of manufacturers to extend the phones. Solution is Bottom Quick Settings app, it puts quick settings in the lower pane, by analogy with iOS.

Besides being a great voice notes, Voice Notes Otter is the translation of speech to text in real time, however only in English.

The app allows you to draw lines on the screen using augmented reality. To understand how it works, you can view the video above.

You can download various packages of icons. But what if any of the icons you don’t like? In this case Iconzy will help for your specific application to choose any icon from installed.

This is the only paid app in the list, it costs 129 rubles. One + Gestures replace the usual buttons to gestures both on smartphones OnePlus.

Tired of the standard ringtones? SpotOn allows you to set any YouTube video as alarm ringtones.

Before bed, we often listen to music. But how to disable it if you accidentally fall asleep? App SpotOn — Sleep & Wake Timer for Spotify. It plays the songs Spotify specified time for a specific alarm.

The app allows you to view the lyrics. To activate it you need to swapnote from the right edge of the screen. It supports many different music services.

The application duplicates all notifications from the master device on the second. There is a direct synchronization between devices. That is, if you remove the notification at the second device, it will disappear and on the ground.

Assistant Shortcuts specifies a variety of actions by long pressing the Home button, thereby replacing the standard startup Assistant Google.

The owners of the S9 probably know about the function of the Edge screen. Swipe from the right edge of the screen you can call up a small window with widgets, apps, weather, calculator, and other useful things.

Nacho Notch makes the status bar black to hide the cutout in the screen. Quite a useful app.

Love the news about the technology? Sip News displays the most popular stories from this area and comments to them.

Thrive away will reduce the impact of mobile on everyday life. You can set a timer that fully blocks the use of the gadget.

The application clears the memory of the smartphone from empty folders, making the guide clearer.

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