Top 3 Tools Let You Merge PDF Files Online Easily

Manually transferring data between PDFs is extremely cumbersome, especially when each file contains a large number of pages, with complex images and diagrams included. This task may take days to complete normally.

But there are many tools available online that allow you to easily merge PDF files, and today we will review the 3 best tools, including:

1- PDF Merge Tool:

Top 3 tools that let you merge PDF files online easily

PDF Merge tool has an easy and simple user interface, it allows you to merge more than one PDF file quickly, and there is no limit to the number of files that you can add each time.

The tool allows you to download the PDF files that you want to merge from your computer directly by dragging and dropping to upload documents, or uploading files from one of the cloud storage services, such as: (Google Drive), (Dropbox), or One Drive.

The tool also encrypts all files on its servers, so you do not need to worry about any third party accessing the data in the files, not only that, but all files that have been downloaded and processed are automatically deleted after a maximum of 24 hours from the last login session.

2- PDF Combine Tool:

Top 3 tools that let you merge PDF files online easily

The ( PDF Combine ) tool allows you to combine multiple PDF files or images into one PDF file without the need to install any applications on your computer. It also allows you to combine up to 20 files at the same time.

The tool supports a wide range of PDF editing options, as it also allows you to convert PDF files into Word, JPG, DOCX, PNG, and SVG files, or reduce the size of multiple PDF files by compressing them, or extract text, images and other attachments from PDF files.

3- PDF Candy Tool:

PDF Candy tool is called a comprehensive solution for dealing with PDF files, as it combines all the various options for editing PDF files in one place, here is a short list of what you can do with the (PDF Candy) tool:

  • Convert PDF files to Word, JPG, DOCX, RTF, TIFF, BMP and PNG.
  • Convert (Word) files to PDF files.
  • Convert EPUB files to PDF files.
  • Edit the content of PDF files.
  • Rearrange PDF files' pages, number them, or delete specific pages.
  • Merge multiple PDF files.
  • Split PDF into separate pages
  • Password protect the PDF, or if the file is already protected, you can cancel the protection.
  • Add watermark to files.

You can do it all for free, without the need to log in, and there are no annoying ads throughout the entire site.

How to merge multiple PDF files using the (PDF Candy) tool:

  • Select the PDF files that you want to merge on your computer, then drag and drop them into the box that appears on the screen in bulk or drag them one by one. You can also import files from cloud storage services, such as: (Google Drive), or (Dropbox).

Top 3 tools that let you merge PDF files online easily

  • You can rearrange the files the way you want by dragging them. And when it's over; Click on the Merge option, and once the PDF files merge process is complete, you can download the final file.

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