Top 5 best VR simulators for Android

Today visit the virtual reality already is not difficult: it is enough to have a productive smartphone and a special headset. The developers of various applications and mobile games are making impressive real images, plunging in which people can feel the effect of presence and literally live a story. Today we will talk about the most successful of the existing top 5 simulation and VR gaming for Android and other real options for the use of VR-technologies.

… and other trends in the use of VR-technologies

The contents

App Titans of Space

Would like to walk in space?

Download Titans of Space

Realistic tour of outer space ā€” that offers this application. With it, you will be able to explore the far corners of the Solar system, to admire each planet and star. In principle, Titans of Space can be run without VR devices, but the effect of the normal version is lost.

Service from YouTube

For virtual reality devices YouTube has developed its own app that allows users to watch videos with 360 degrees. Now you can run high-quality panoramic video live to listen to a concert of your favorite artist. VR is available in the standard YouTube app for Android.

YouTube VR

Jurassic VR 2

Journey to the dinosaurs

Great simulator, with which you can plunge into the world of prehistory. Familiarity with the lizards here, really, the study of pristine landscapes and a variety of movements from one location to another. And you have the opportunity to see stuffed dinosaurs in natural size in the so-called “Museum”.

Download Jurassic VR 2

Sport-Golf simulator VR

The tiger Woods endorses

There is no need to buy a Golf club ā€” you need to download this sport game. Here everything is like in reality: changing weather conditions, a sense of excitement and, of course, a complete sense of presence on the playing field.

Download Golf VR

Economic simulator Perfect Burger VR

Assemble your Burger

This fun game is great for relaxing. Its essence is that you become a diner cook and make burgers for visitors. The game is bright, colorful and quite dynamic.

Download Perfect Burger VR

Where else used VR technology?

The technology of virtual reality has found its application not only in games but also in other spheres of users activities.

Military training

State military laboratory, USA since 2012 introduced the development for training soldiers by the use of VR-technologies in their learning process. This approach allows as close to living conditions, to prepare professionals, trained to respond effectively to ongoing changes in a variety of situations. In virtual reality simulated a wide range of threat cases, of which in a short time, the soldiers should learn to find the optimal solution. This approach to training allows you to train competent specialists in their field without risk to their lives.

By the way, the use of VR-technology is used not only for military training, but graduates of aviation universities. So, with the help of aviation virtual simulators for future pilots will be able to experience in as close to real flight conditions. Read more about the introduction of VR technologies in training program pilots wrote journalists of Air Charter Service.

The acquisition of real estate

The layout of the house, combined with his real-life photographs ā€” a basis for a virtual meeting future housing. And some companies already offer the possibility of walks in each of the spaces look from different angles. So the physical presence of the buyer is not required: this program allows you to view several options without leaving your home or office.
Also, this program provides mini-travel on the world’s chic apartment.

“The dressing room” interior

Virtual reality technology simplify and make possible the selection of furniture, finishes for walls and floors. Possible even a little “live” created in the interior, to see whether it is convenient located, for example, a table in a specific part of the living room and how the kitchen will look with various curtains. This program opens up huge opportunities for designers.

VR-amusement parks

Now you don’t have to build breathtaking rides: it is better to direct its energies to the development of a program that will allow the user to dive into the world of cool slides, challenging mazes and spooky rooms of fear. And most importantly, the script and the special effects everyone can choose for himself.

VR-amusement parks are becoming more popular

Despite the fact that virtual reality technology are young, their use greatly simplifies many tasks and makes use of modern developments even more exciting.

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