Top 5 breakthroughs of security make smart phones more vulnerable

With the presence of news about the great breakthrough almost every week this year; it may be difficult to know whether your data is safe, where the hacker targeted smart phones with increased frequency, with the aim of tracking the users activity, or steal their data or trick them to reveal sensitive information for financial gain.

When you focus a bit on the attacks E last; and we find that most of the targeted smart phone operating systems, and applications – for example: Researchers have discovered security in the month of September alone, 172 application harmful on the store Google Play, have made these applications more than 335 million to install – and also didn’t deliver the companies the trend of targeting also where spread operations service known as swapping a SIM card – or what became known in the circles of the competent on behalf of the SIM swap or SIM splitting – which happens to switch the phone number to the device equal to control all your accounts associated with it.

Accordingly; it may be the best solution to protect your data is to monitor your computer closely for any unusual activity, contact your service provider to know your smartphone at risk.

The following are the top 5 breakthroughs of modern security make smart phones more vulnerable:

1 – SimJacker: hacked your phone with a text message

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In one of the biggest breakthroughs that happened during this year; hackers use a vulnerability present in most calling cards (SIM) for smartphones to track users ‘ locations, and in some cases they can have full control on their devices, has been influenced by them more than a billion smart phone.

I knew this hack on behalf of the SimJacker, and I found out the company AdaptiveMobile Security e-mail last September. As the name suggests, the penetration being by way of a text message containing a certain type of code similar to spyware that send to your phone, and give instructions for the card contact inside the phone to control the device to perform some commands.

I don’t think breakthrough SimJacker on the operating system; which means that it can affect any type of devices, according to reports was most affected countries in the Middle East, and Africa.

To protect your phone, you can contact the communications and use them to filter the network for SMS messages that carry SimJacker.

2 – phishing attacks by SMS for Android phones:

Researchers discovered in the company the Electronic Security Check Point attack is phishing via SMS (SMS), which targeted some of the modern phones that run the operating system (Android), Android, and through the messages aim to trick users to change the settings of the phones and the hackers access to their information.

Of the most prominent phones that have been exposed to this attack was the phones of the largest companies in the market, including: Samsung, Huawei, LG, and Sony, has sent the hackers messages users similar messages to the network operator, and ask them to download the application on your phone to adjust the settings of your Network on the new phone, in the case of approval on the download your device will redirect its data via the server of the hackers, giving them access to emails, contacts lists, and we browser.

Each of Samsung, LG, and Huawei already corrects this vulnerability during the month of September last, and Sony plans to organs at risk, according to a company Checkpoint.

If you are not sure your phone is on the updated operating system, which includes the patch, you should refuse to download any application from unknown number, and your service provider immediately if you receive suspicious letters.

3 – hack cross videos:

مقاطع الفيديو

Earlier summer this year; I realized monitors electronic security to Android phones was vulnerable to penetration once you watch videos by the malware ROM.

Select the security researcher Marcin Kozlowski the problem and publish a proof of concept that shows how users of the Android operating system that they can learn to hack if you have downloaded a video file harmful and run it on their devices, where it allows the attacker remote arbitrary code execution on the target device.

Google released correcting a security vulnerability in the last July, if you haven’t you downloaded the video file on your Android phone, it is likely that your phone was not damaged – because the videos which are run through third party apps such as: WhatsApp, the elderly are not vulnerable to malware – but you must make sure to update the Android operating system to fully ensure the protection of your phone.

4 – several security flaws in the iOS operating system:

أبرز 5 اختراقات أمنية حديثة تجعل الهواتف الذكية أكثر عرضة للخطر

Discover two of the researchers in the research team about errors in Google’s (Project Zero) six vulnerabilities in the operating system iOS (iOS) of Apple during the month of July last, has been corrected Apple TV five vulnerabilities by updating the operating system (iOS 12.4).

Also discover the team (Project Zero) a security vulnerability is another in a group of sites disappeared during the month of August, which caused the breakthrough of iPhones over the years.

Did not disclose the specific number of users affected, where malware in the background of the hardware without any way to detect it, and Google web sites that can infect users ‘ phone.

However; once you have notified Apple of holes has to include a security fix in the iOS version 12.1.4. If you are not sure if iPhone Your has been affected, the safest option is to make sure that you are working on the operating system iOS 12.1.4 or later.

5 – exploitation WhatsApp to penetrate the iPhone and Android:

أبرز 5 اختراقات أمنية حديثة تجعل الهواتف الذكية أكثر عرضة للخطر

During the month of May; the report revealed the Financial Times that the group of pirates they used messaging application WhatsApp install spy software remotely on users ‘ phone both of which work on the operating system Androidor iOS, so by answering voice calls to contacts odd.

Once you discover the company WhatsApp, gap has conducted the required changes to their infrastructure to correct them, and also urged the users of the app to upgrade to the latest version, Plus update the phone’s operating system, with the aim of protection from the potential intrusions, and to prevent the arrival of Pirates to the information stored on mobile devices.

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