Top 5 new apps launched through 2019

When was the last time you downloaded the apps again on your smartphone? Mostly this happened a long time ago, because most people use a limited set of smart phone applications, and updated each period, as do download new apps, it is not something that occurs during frequent intervals.

We are now in mid-2019; during the period of the year the developers of the apps of smart phones the launch of several new applications using commerce, but it is often difficult for users to follow up all new apps that appear at the applications immediately launched.

The following are the highlights of the 5 new apps launched during 2019:

1. application of Harry Potter – Wizards Unite:

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This app is a new game from production company (site) of America that produced the game (Pokemon Joe) Pokémon Go famous previously, this new game adapted from the series stories of the famous Harry Potter, and also depend on the technique of augmented reality as in the game (Pokemon Joe).

Spin the events of the game as you move abroad, where help you map the existing language in finding things that exist in real locations while on your travels, and you can use your friends to participate in the game collectively for a challenge with you.

It is worth mentioning that the number of times the download of this application has exceeded 5 million downloads so far on the Google Play Store, and of course most of them will be lovers series stories, and movies of Harry Potter.

The app is available for free on store Google Play for users of devices (Android), as well as on the Samsung store for apps known as the (Galaxy Store), and there is also a version of the app on the App Store users (iOS).

2. application of Jumbo – Privacy:

أبرز 5 تطبيقات جديدة أطلقت خلال 2019

Aims to apply Jumbo to protect the privacy of the users via the internet, which helps you to manage your data, secured on your existing accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google, will soon secure the accounts of Instagram.

The app help you discover weaknesses in your accounts, and processed, where it works to stop the tracking target ads to you, as well as prevent tracking your geographical location, manage permissions, and clear the browsing history, and delete old tweets that no longer need to do not reduce the chance of tracking your online activity.

It should be noted that this app does not collect any data about you, and explain the reasons for each procedure is doing to protect your privacy.

This app is available for free on the App Store for users of the devices (iOS), and there is version for (Android.)

3. application of Spectre:


Spectre is a camera application depends on the artificial intelligence, and has several unique advantages, allowing you the ability to visualize the places and delete people and cars from photos easily, this is very useful for anyone who wants to portray some of the famous landmarks in any city without the show crawling around this world.

The app lets you also have the ability to add a touch of Beauty Health night by showing a fast flow to the lights of the cars that appear in the scene to look like a running stream of light.

App also supports many of advanced techniques such as: the automatic installation of the Auto-Stabilize, machine learning, and computer vision.

The app is available on App Store for users of the devices (iOS) at a price of $ 2.99 only, but there is no it version to devices (Android).

4. application of Tap In:

أبرز 5 تطبيقات جديدة أطلقت خلال 2019

This application specializes in the management of the meetings of the meditation collective, through holding meetings hoping to direct daily period of 10 minutes, these sessions are suitable for beginners, and experienced alike.

The app provides many of the specialist teachers in the field of meditation with its various, such as: methods of development, underdevelopment, etc., in addition to the community includes many members who participate in meetings of the meditation initiative, with the feature ticket time meditation sessions daily.

The application provides a Tap In a directory visible to the methods of development used in the practice of meditation, as it is also integrated with the application (Apple Health) Apple Health; which lets you see all your health information in one place easily.

The app is available for free on the App Store for users of the devices (iOS), and there are version to devices (Android).

5. application of Yolo:

This dedicated app to send anonymous letters to the application users Snapchat, where any user to develop the Yolo shared a link own with his friends-born on Snapchat, and his friends sent anonymous letters to him through this link so that he can know the identity of the sender.

Alert the company to send messages with positive content, and avoid negative comments, or words of bad, because that might expose them to.

The app is available free on store Google Play for users of devices (Android), there is also a version of the app on the App Store users (iOS).

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