Top 5 new features in the Ford Mustang Mach-E electric

After a long wait; it showed the company Ford to the world its first steps in the market of electric cars, as revealed yesterday about the car Mustang Mach-E which is considered an important starting point for the restructuring models of Ford and its possible commercial Mustang.

Think the Ford Mustang one of the most successful car ever in the world of powerful cars, where they plan their sales more than 10 million vehicles, and vigorously promote the performance and efficiency, so it is converted to an electric car that fully important step for Ford in the shadow of warnings of declining profits, where the company decided to combine performance and efficiency in one package that operates on batteries, to compete with the Tesla company that acquires the largest share of the electric car market.

Think car Ford Mustang Mach E-the first car to be announced Team Team Edison – of for Ford and competent development of Ford cars converted to electric cars completely – but it’s not the first Mustang electric only, but is also the first sports car SUV.

Expected to up model Mustang new electric Mach-E to agents in the fall of 2020, at a cost starting from 43895 dollars to Select basic, up to 60500 USD for the GT.

The following are the top 5 new features in the Ford Mustang Mach-E electrical:

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1 – doors without handles:

أبرز 5 ميزات جديدة في سيارة فورد موستانج Mach-E الكهربائية

The first thing you will notice in the Mustang Mach-E of the new is not to contain the handles for the doors, where no borrower electronic pop-up that appears on the body as is the case in the electric car competition, such as: Tesla Model S, or Jaguar I-Pace. Instead, follow the Ford has a different approach.

Can open the doors of the car Mach-E through the buttons of the electronic wave in the upper part of the column B and C to control, once you press it open the engine doors are about 4 inches, also contains sections front hooves on the handles pull the black elegant blend with the window frame, to help the driver and front passenger to pull the door their own.

But in the back there are no handles at all, but open the doors by pressing the buttons, then says rear-seat passengers install their fingers in the small opening to pull the doors.

Say (Gordon Plato) Gordon Platto; director of the design of internal and external policy of the Mach-E: “most of sitting in the back seat they’re kids so don’t need to be handles additional pull.”

According to Ford; the conventional door handles have become a thing of the past, as to the buttons E-to confer on the Mustang crossover feature unique and fashionable you won’t find in many cars of the competition.

Will be able owners also use their smartphone to open your car Mustang Mach-E, where can be considered the phone a key control, these key technical new for Ford.

2 – advantage Tech tray:

أبرز 5 ميزات جديدة في سيارة فورد موستانج Mach-E الكهربائية

It’s little details on what it looks like, but many automakers ignore that its customers have smartphones and want to put these devices in a place other than the phone holder which does not allow wireless charging.

In the context of a Mach-E added Ford’s new feature name (Tech tray) can put the phone supports wireless charging.

3. the information system characteristic:

أبرز 5 ميزات جديدة في سيارة فورد موستانج Mach-E الكهربائية

Include the context of a Mach-E screen size 15.5 inches dominate the dashboard, and a lot of attention probably because of its location and its vertical like those in the model of the Tesla Model S. but Ford added a disk rotary the bottom of the screen to control the sound level, where the aim was to create a modern system user interface more easily.

The infotainment system is also connected to the cloud, allowing it to display traffic real time during development, and has a voice assistant clever – I call it the Ford name after the – is activated by the words of caution such as: “oak; Ford-the OK Ford”; and allow users to create personal profiles, and learn the behavior and habits of the user over time.

4 – interior design:

أبرز 5 ميزات جديدة في سيارة فورد موستانج Mach-E الكهربائية

A car will Mach-E a variety of interiors that vary by level, but regardless of style, all of these designs do not rely on animal skins, she said (Brittany season) Brittany Moss, designer color and materials at Ford: “we are not to think of the car permanently on the skins of animals, this is the right decision for the type of work that we’re trying to attract it”.

Think Ford leather material that bears the name of ( faux leather) and are among the best synthetic leather, as used in the steering wheel, it looks good, stylish and some thing.

5 – a new feature in the box front:

Featuring electric vehicles of the existence of free space under the front cover on its face, thanks to the reliance on batteries, although the car Mach-E no larger free space compared to the competition; but it is not the youngest also.

Guaranteed Ford is another innovative feature in the context of a Mach-E where there is under the front cover of the car free space of 5 feet/Cube, have designed this space to contain at least one piece of luggage, but it is not covered with a cloth, there are openings at the bottom, what means that you can transfer folders snowman, that helps a lot on camping trips.

An additional item else:

Above the wheel is a control system of the driver, this may be useful to the plans of Ford for the future to introduce a system of self-driving.

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