TOP 8 online services-bookkeeping for business

On the market are online services to do your books for every taste and different needs. To facilitate your choice, we did some market analysis and determined a 8 “most-most”. Understand what they have pros and cons, and then try to choose the best.

The main purpose of any online accounting service is to make life easier for the Director and accountant, get rid of routine operations, the hassle and even to insure against mistakes. Besides cloud services for accountants has a number of undoubted advantages. They have low rates compared with buying software that you want to install and configure on your computer. In addition, almost all have automatic updates, consulting, expert support, and work with any portable device. When this is presented in this; the rating services allow:

  • Lead tax and accounting;
  • Organize HR administration;
  • To work with partners in the format of electronic document

What is IMPORTANT to pay attention to when choosing a cloud accounting:

  • Support of tax systems (BASED, USN, UTII UAT, PSN);
  • Integration with the banks (required for automation);
  • The sending of reports to the state bodies (FTS, FIU, FSS, Rosstat, etc.);
  • Option electronic signature (can be both paid and free);
  • Training and advice (responsiveness, quality of advice);
  • The mobile application (for Android or iOS);
  • Work with multiple accounts (for shared access).

And, of course, special offers and bonuses!

A choice of online accounting will influence the functions that are important to your business. So please give this matter increased attention.

Data for the review was collected from open sources on the Internet and based on reviews of actual users, we got in the preparation material. Briefly analyze the capabilities of each service and show their interfaces. So, in order:

The first in Russia cloud service for independent accounting, tax and personnel records. The service allows you to create and deliver all types of reporting (for FTS, FIU, FSS, etc.), provides personalized tax calendar and includes 10 thousand document templates. Available packaged solutions for small businesses, online stores and wholesale. Moreover, the service “My business” is eurozeta system, implemented integration with the largest Russian banks (“Sberbank”, “Alfa-Bank”, “VTB 24”, “Bank Point”, “PSB”, etc.), CRM (Bitrix24, AMOcrm), online banks and payment systems, and also configured for recognition of documents.

The test period is free, but compared to competitors is small: from 3 days to 2 weeks. In principle, it is enough to study the functionality and understand the simplicity of online accounting. With My thing it is possible to work independently, but the developer also provides technological services of accounting outsourcing.

One developer with a simple interface. Outline.Elba will be able to replace the accountant in a small company: up to 50 employees. Its functionality includes payroll and taxes, invoicing and reporting. Outline.Accounting is suitable for accounting of IP and LLC to 100 employees. In addition to the capabilities of the Elbe, this service allows you to use the online calculators, electronic document management and OCR invoices. Free mode each service is 30 days.

Accounting services for business-beginners without professional education, provide professional accountants and lawyers remotely. Characterized in that it is a functional interface accounting outsourcing that provides: accounting and HR solutions, legal advice, setting an uninterrupted workflow and payment, assistance in finding staff and premises, the provision of discounts from partner companies. Test period no.

Service with a clean interface and a set of online tools for accounting. It is developed under the most popular accounting operations and does not include specific calculations. Can be used for almost all tax systems in addition to simplified with the patent. Allows you to file documents, keep accounting records, to report to government agencies and conduct a charge. Includes integration with several banks (Tinkoff, Alfa Bank, Point). Free trial mode for 2 weeks.

Rental service solutions 1C, allowing you to migrate to the cloud’s own database and to access it from multiple devices (PC, tablet, smartphone). To connect there are several configurations, allowing you to choose the right solution for your company. There is a tariff that allows you to modify lease decision. Free trial period is 14 days.

Service with an interesting principle — the user needs to photograph documents and send to your accountant via an application. “Figure” the company gets to an accountant who is working in remote mode: make all the necessary calculations, takes statements, accompanies when gospoverki, helps with any questions. The user is communicating with real people and can contact your accountant or any instant messengers. In fact, this is the interface for communication with the outsourcer.

This service was included in our selection due to its advantageous tariffs. The cost of the minimum package from 1838 RUB/year, while the service functionality include basic tools are needed for accounting, payroll and personnel. If you want to send statements online, you will need to use the service chat “Bugspam” to obtain immediate online assistance of experts, and it will have to pay. Test the free mode is much more than the competition – 3 months.

Online service for bookkeeping, which also includes specialized solutions for small businesses. Allows to solve all the basic tasks of accounting and generate reports. The service can be adapted to the unique challenges of complex accounting and includes several tariff plans. Free trial period to explore the functionality of the company is 2 months.

Now you know “in person” the best services for online accounting. If you want to choose the best option for your business — create an account in one of the services and take note of three recommendations:

1. Get familiar with the settings!

Configure the service so that it reflects the specifics of your business. If you don’t want to risk your data, complete the test and try to work with them during free period. So you will be able to evaluate the usability and interface.

2. Use all opportunities of the service!

Test funkcionalnost, even if now it seems unnecessary. So you know that will help to improve the bookkeeping here and now, and also will give you an advantage in the future. Look at the list of updates — how quickly new features are added. Pay attention to what advice is included in the service, as it is accompanied by practice — this will help avoid plenty of problems in the future.

3. The price of the service. Price error is too high!

The cost of services varies within the value of mobile communication. Low-cost rate, as a rule, carries with it corresponding limitations: functional or timing. Change of tariff, change of service, waiting for the promised but not yet implemented improvements — all this slows down your business. Choose the service that will make your job easier, not add to the trouble.

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