Touchpal.. keyboard changed the concept of writing

Keyboard Touchpal is one of the most popular consoles that you can get and what I’ve heard already before. The company that developed the keyboard app and other fitness and eye protection and others, but months of their applications is Touchpal which gets underway on more than 100 million users daily and the number of large companies analyzed in advance on the phones.

During the event MWC in Barcelona, the company unveiled the developer to investigate through the gallery of smart phones largest in the world by version 2018 that there are updates coming for the keyboard in March, including artificial intelligence engine probably makes the keyboard turn into more than that.

What does it mean to add artificial intelligence engine is?

According to what said his company has found the police already to stop the best by 99.4% thanks to the artificial intelligence engine and intelligent assistant, which adds the advantages of such a smart reply and recommendations information. Without the techniques of the machine learning company says it can already improve the speed of typing using the virtual keyboard.

It contains the Update for the keyboard on the technique of the perfect answer to the questions is called the Smart Reply or a smart reply where the application of learning information from the internet and learn your behavior to suggest responses optimized to the questions you receive via Messaging apps daily live, but certainly this won’t work at full efficiency it will need some time to learn the system of artificial intelligence of your behavior.

What make the keyboard too?

Apart from the advantages of artificial intelligence trying to the keyboard to provide a distinctive experience for you by not you need to leave the app you are using -as a Messenger or WhatsApp – to search for information, where will the app soon be able to search for places or the temperature of the inside of the keyboard itself.

The work to develop artificial intelligence in this aspect the Special Assistant to the keyboard will be ready to receive your questions, to show you the answers in real-time, when someone asks you what is the price of the dollar today you’ll be able to make Google’s answer through the keyboard and close the messaging application.

Keyboard worth the trade

Do you use the keyboard Touchpal? If you’re not already using it, you should at least try it in March when the release the update. Also there are rumors that the keyboard will support the interpretation as a future which will be very welcome, especially because the color of the supports 130 different languages already.

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