Tour on a private jet of a new generation of Gulfstream G600

Not many can boast of having a private jet Gulfstream. They are designed for the richest and most influential people of our time. The new generation of Gulfstream G500 and G600 have to give these people even more luxury and comfort. Our colleagues from Business Insider has looked into the G600 and showed everything that most people will be able to see the picture.

The Gulfstream G500 is worth 45.5 million dollars. The largest aircraft size Gulfstream G600 is 57,9 million dollars. Of course, the aircraft can not be cheap. Especially a new one. But the cost is affected not only by its flight characteristics. G600 is a luxury plane. The new model will begin flights later this year.

Length Gulfstream G600 – 30 meters. It is 7.5 meters tall, and the wingspan is 28.5 meters. Should come inside and you will see a luxurious interior, leather. It is designed for 19 passengers.

As G600 is designed for long flights, it not only has seats for passengers, but also space for recreational pilots.

Immediately catch the eye stone countertops and stone floor and a large multimedia system. Say, in the plane a quick Wi-Fi.

Media management and other systems of the aircraft by using the touch panel, which is located in the wooden armrest.

For passengers, there are sofas and dining tables. In the nose and the tail of the plane located bathrooms with everything you need.

In the cockpit you can see the 10 of touch screens with various information. Probably, this cabin is a pleasure to fly even in the far distance. Gulfstream G600 can fly 12,000 kilometers without landing. He does not need refueling for a flight from London to Tokyo. This plane can be compared to a luxury hotel, only it quickly can fly.

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