Towaga — become a defender of the temple

The developer calls the game Towaga quick action. In fact the way it is. The game is very active and will make the player sweat, fighting jumping and flying monsters. The player controls the character Chimu, which is the protector of the temple Towaga. It needs to save the world from the curse. For this it is necessary to pass 6 levels of the Lost temple, the Height, the Ruins, the Thrones, the Temple, and the Way.

Before starting the game asks to use headphones for greater immersion. In the game amazing soundtrack that completely immerses in the atmosphere of Japanese multfilmov. In the game settings can also be activated at 60 frames per second, so there is better immersion to the gameplay. In addition to the settings, Towaga, there is also a section with character selection, which is not so little.

Now it is worth dwelling on graphics and gameplay. The game is just amazing graphics. The main character is on top of the temple and has 2 skill fire beam and ice beam. With the first you can kill the enemies, and the second freezes them. Ice beam spends energy, so it can be used not always.

In addition, the fire beam, though no restrictions on the use, the game will not allow you to mindlessly hold down the fire button. To kill the enemy, after killing immediately release the button, otherwise the enemy will not die, but only slowed.

The effects of fire and freezing in the game are awesome. The picture itself is also slightly zablujena and made in bright colors.

The truth is, Towaga complex. We failed the second time even pass the first level because the enemies over time, greatly accelerated, and even on the first level we met a few bosses to kill was not so easy.

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Application: Towaga
Developer: Sunnyside Games
Category: Action
Version: 1.1.1
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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