Toyota add a feature to close the engine automatically starting from the version of the 2020 cars

Toyota announced its plans to add a range of features of safety and protection in the versions of the new company starting from the model of 2020, where the feature of automatic closure of the engine, with the advantage of valet parking, self-parking.

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Work Company Twitter to promote standards of protection and safety in the new versions of cars, offering the advantage of automatic closure of the engine starting from the model 2020 from cars, and support cars with self-parking to avoid accidents.

And Toyota to that feature automatic closure for the car can support the user in the case of out quickly of the car and the car is running where it is scheduled to be closed the motor automatically when the perception out who was driving the car without working on the operation mode to wait in the car.

It is planned that the working pattern of the automatic closure of the car to enable the brake to put the wait or parking, which is an important addition of Toyota to enhance the standards of protection and safety better to avoid accidents in public parking or private.


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