Toyota introduced the electric broom, Baba Yaga

Founded in 1937, Toyota is one of the most successful car manufacturers in the world. And it’s not easy — what the automaker might deserve the honor to create a Rover for surface exploration of the moon? But a Japanese company in addition, developing other very interesting projects. One of them she told in the framework of the motor show Tokyo Motor Show, which takes place from 24 October to 4 November 2019 in Tokyo. The manufacturer has developed an electric broom, much like the fairy-tale of Baba Yaga.

Unfortunately, the mortar is not included broom

I have to say — no, sitting on that broom to fly in the sky impossible. And the mortar, which was used by the Baba Yaga, too, will not equip the device with the function of flight in the sky. But the electric broom can help lovers of roller skates to gain speed and drive through the streets in a very unusual form. To do this, just need to ride the broom and lower it back down between the “branches” hidden in the wheel that turns and pushes the man on roller skates forward.

Presentation of electric brooms from Toyota

Is there a broom of Baba Yaga?

The company did not disclose technical specifications of the new device, so its maximum speed and battery capacity are not yet known. It is logical to assume that the maximum speed is severely limited due to lack of space for the powerful motor. Also the speed can be low for security purposes — fall from that broom on the go, without fractures is clearly not enough. A single charge should last a maximum of a couple hours, again due to lack of space, this time for the big battery.

Electric broom by Toyota at the Tokyo motor show

Quidditch in the real world

In General, the exterior of the device from Toyota is more reminiscent of a high-speed broomstick, the “nimbus 2000” from the books and films about wizard Harry Potter. The authors of the blog, Krypton Radio gave vent to his imagination and suggested that after a few years the broom will be used to play Quidditch.

He then watched Harry Potter knows what it is

Quidditch is a sports game from the books about Harry Potter, where athletes need to fly on brooms and throw balls in the ring of the enemy.

Until 2005 the game was fictional, but then College students Saddlery of the U.S. state of Vermont began to organize real tournaments. The rules of the game remained almost the same as in the books, but the matches are held on the ground — players running around the field, holding brooms similarity between her legs. To watch a game of Quidditch in the real world at the video. Looks weird, right?

But by entering the game electric broom from Toyota and moving the players in a more level field for easy inline skating, the game can be done much more spectacular. At the moment it is unknown when exactly electric broom will be available for purchase, but it is hoped that the next Quidditch world Cup would be held with the support of Toyota. And the next championship will take place in 2020, in the U.S. state of Virginia.

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Finally I want to mention another interesting project of Toyota. We are talking about the electric car, which is covered with solar panels for charging the battery directly while riding. Read about this unusual means movement is possible in our material.

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