Toyota may invest US $ 500 million in the technology of self-driving subsidiary of Uber

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There are many companies specialized in transport work on the development of self-driving cars. However, it seems that many of them operate independently of each other, and this is what is likely to be ineffective, although we’re not surprised that we imagine that these companies want to keep the progress of technology-driven mystery.

However, it seems that at least two of these companies would work together, at least according to a new report released recently from the Wall Street Journal of America, where it was proposed that the company’s investment of up to $ 500 million in the Uber for the purposes relating to the technology of self-driving. It has been suggested that the section responsible for the development of the technology of self-driving company Uber has achieved losses and investors may tell the company at what looks like the need to sell it.

However, if the report is true and that the company Toyota is actually planning to invest $ 500 million in the company, it could breathe new life into the project. However, the self-driving cars are still years away from becoming legal on the roads, not to mention to become prevalent. While organizers agreed to test self-driving cars on the road, the car almost self-driving only allowed on public roads now are the policies of the Tesla, although the company made it clear that it is not intended to be self-driving.

Of course, it remains to see what are the fruits that can be reaped from this investment in the company Toyota.


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