Toyota officially confirmed that it has invested $ 500 million in Uber


It was said yesterday that the company Toyota decided to invest $ 500 million in the technology of self-driving subsidiary of Uber. Did not confirm the report immediately by any of the two companies, but it has been confirmed that investment now so that officially confirmed that the company Toyota has already invested $ 500 million in Uber.

Have confirmed both companies that the investment of the $ 500 million USD. I have a company Toyota and Uber already have a relationship in this sector and this transaction will only lead to deepen that relationship. Moreover, it is well-established strategy for new CEO of Uber, Mr. Dara Khosrowshahi, which aims to develop technology for self-driving through partnerships rather than developed by the company itself fully.

You may Infuse this investment the new life of a new department in charge of the technology of autonomous driving in the Uber note that this section faced several difficulties in the last few years, especially after causing one of the vehicles of Uber self-driving in a fatal accident on the road, Arizona, USA. The Uber shut down its fleet fully then said after that to put the context of its self-driving on the roads but only in manual mode.

As part of this deal, you’ll find the ” Uber ” between the system of self-driving own and the technical Guardian of the company’s that provide features of safety mechanism such as maintaining lanes, but it is far from a system of self-driving. On this subject, stated Executive Vice President of Toyota, Mr. Shigeki Tomoyama said : ” this Agreement and the investment represents a milestone in our transformation to a publishing company where we help to provide safe spaces and safe transport services such as participation in leadership, which include car and technology Toyota “.



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