Toyota requires to import the batteries from more than one supplier, and to China to find a companion for the trail

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You need a company to Toyota to more than just the supply of safe and stable operation of the batteries if you were hoping to sell justice to the ambition announced by the of its electric car. If you had hoped in the competition, you’ll need a Japanese company to Li-ion batteries high quality doesn’t necessarily decrease profit margins.

Decided company’s Commission to the Chinese company specialized in the manufacture of electric car batteries CATL to solve this problem. The company announced on Thursday about a broad partnership covering the creation of electric car batteries fully, starting from the development of new technology for the batteries and improve the quality of the product down to the re-use of batteries and recycling.

The company said Toyota in the month of June last that it will cooperate with the company and CATL, also known as Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd and BYD electric car manufacturer to secure the batteries. This new agreement expands the scope of the relationship.

The company said the partnership arose from the belief in common that the supply of fixed batteries is crucial and it must develop a battery technology. The company said in a joint statement that the company CATL will combine its capabilities in the development of batteries and development of batteries and electric vehicles of company Toyota.

Provide the company Panasonic is already the company’s batteries for its hybrids. However, this will not be sufficient to achieve the objectives of the company in the market of electric cars, especially if we take into account that all auto manufacturers will be adding more electric cars to its fleet. No longer Tesla and Nissan are the only two adult two electric cars. Both Audi and Jaguar Land Rover new cars fully powered by electricity, will be followed by more companies in the future, including the company Volkswagen, which plans to make its fleet consists of more than 20 all-electric car sale million electric cars a year by 2025.

At the same time, she told Toyota that the electric car will see half of its global sales by the year 2025, this means that it will sell about 5.5 million electric cars per year. These plans for electric cars extended also to include also other brands, a subsidiary of Toyota, including Lexus.

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