Trade tensions put the care and company of the Samsung Olympic Games in the uncomfortable position of

Galaxy Note 10

Led to trade tensions increased between South Korea and Japan to put the Samsung in an uncomfortable position because it is global sponsor of the Olympics summer that will be held in Tokyo next year. It is one of the partners of the 13 major Olympic Games, it is the only company from Korea that are considered part of this group.

It is reported that the South Korean company analyzed the impact of this partnership on its brand image in the motherland. They seem to fear the backlash that they may encounter because of the vigorously promoted for the event sporting mega which will be hosted by Japan. As a result, they are yet to begin any marketing campaigns, wide-ranging, although the main sponsors of the Olympic Games tend to start doing this a year before the event.

In July of this year, Samsung launched the women’s Olympic phone +Galaxy S10 which carry the name of Galaxy S10+ Tokyo Olympics Edition in collaboration with the telecommunications company of Japanese NTT DoCoMo. I adopted this strategy in the past also, but this time the company is marketing the phone in a limited way.

The newspaper Business Korea from the police to say : ” our sponsorship of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 may have already been identified based on our contract in 2014 with the International Olympic Committee, however we can’t deny that we are uneasy to some extent “.

Samsung are the official sponsors of the Olympic Games world class equipment radio communications since the year 1998. In the past year, has extended the company’s partnership with the International Olympic Committee, known for short in the name of the IOC until the year 2028.

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