Trader Barclays about the transition in BitFlyer: see no future in traditional Finance

In late April, a former employee of the new York firm asset management Oz Management Alice Haas became the financial Director of crypto currency exchange Coinbase. Her example was followed by the former Barclays trader Daisuke Murayama. He is disillusioned with the traditional banking system and decided to develop cryptocurrency on the Japanese exchange BitFlyer, writes CCN.

The crypto currency exchange to poach images from the banks

According to Moremi, most of the traditional banks obsolete in the coming years will be in demand.

I just see no future in traditional Finance. Unlike cryptocurrencies.

BitFlyer is the fourth largest stock exchange of Japan and one of the main competitors Coinbase. The head of the trading platforms Yuzo Kano told the newspaper that in recent times the exchange tries to hire experienced traders who have worked at major banks and to obtain the necessary knowledge.

Our goal is to take the place of the major cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. To do this we need experienced staff of traditional banks, and young talented professionals.

Kano noted that in recent years, exchanges are experiencing a shortage of specialists in the field of cryptocurrency. However, in the industry comes more and more employees of large banks who believe in the future of digital money.

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