Transcend introduces a new series of tablets storage high-tech favorable price

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Revealed tried Transcend, the leader in development of storage products high-tech, multimedia and industrial products, from storage disk of the new type M. 2 SSD to 2.5-inch, which features Memory flash memory type 3D TLC NAND to perform the super where it accelerates the performance of different applications and speed up computers work, the Memory flash memory type 3D TLC NAND flash is comparable to Planar (2D) MLC NAND in terms of performance but are available at a very competitive price.

Features tablet storage new it-enabled SLC to save temporary data, with a reliance on keeping data in a RAID, which provides an easy and safe way to get the data, and the verification of parity low density LDPC and many other features that make the disk storage of the new product for a solid and reliable long term performance of uhv and its willingness to deal with the built-in apps different quickly and safely complete.

Series storage drive based on the new Memory flash memory type 3D TLC NAND is high quality, and that 3D NAND is higher in performance than Planar NAND because they rely on grouping the memory cells in tandem, which allows more capacity and performance, compared to Planar NAND, 3D NAND provides higher performance, faster, and reliable, as storage drive manufacturer technology of 3D NAND with a very competitive price compared to market prices, which makes them the perfect choice for embedded applications different.

Come storage drive 3D TLC NAND SSD are equipped with a technology exclusive to raise performance and provide total security to data, including technical SLC for saving the temporary data, and RAID, which provides a way to assemble the memory cells in tandem which makes data access easier while maintaining the safety factor and the stability of the performance level of disk storage, and verification of the parity low density LDPC is a technique that corrects errors that occur during read and write data automatically without compromising the performance or the speed of disk storage is what provides the speed and accuracy of ultra in action.

The programme Scope of the trend for tablets SSD

The programme Scope of the trend is used exclusively to maintain the integrity of the storage drive of the type SSD, the software program Scope is a sophisticated easy to use make sure the safety storage disk and to measure its performance and maintenance is simpler than fiction, and contains many features which monitor the status and integrity of the disk via the technique of “S. M. A. R. T”, the software also allows the orders the story of the data “TRIM” to improve the speed of write, and update the disk driver, data transfer from disk storage in a manner that reproduction of the Clone.

Investment trend heavily in the development of innovative technologies and solutions of high quality that you can count on it, used as solutions Transcend compact widely in many industries, and a track record of excellence in the market of applications and different solutions, and continues to trend of investment in the development of cutting-edge technologies and expand the use of memory of the flash compact presentations of DRAM, while providing excellent customer service and technical support of the world class.

Transcend introduces a new series of tablets storage high-tech favorable price

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