Transfusion of young blood slowed the aging mice

Experiments on the transfusion of young blood in order to retard aging has long been underway, and despite the skepticism of some scientists and potential danger, sometimes experiments give very encouraging results. Scientists from the Medical school of the University of Washington conducted a study, in which transfusion of older laboratory mice are not a plasma, and a specific protein in young individuals — in the end, they found that recipients of improved vision and more energy.

Used called eNAMPT protein and plays an important role in the occurrence of redox reactions within cells. As a rule, in the bodies of young mice contains this enzyme in abundance, whereas age the amount is reduced as a result, in older organisms, worsening memory, and problems with weight.

Scientists slowed aging of mice

Increasing the concentration of eNAMPT protein in the organisms of older mice, researchers have improved their insulin production, intelligence and visual acuity. Also they have estimated that mouse without excess enzyme live 16% longer than normal rodents.

We found a whole new path to healthy aging. We can take eNAMPT from the blood of young mice and give it to older mice and watching elderly mice increases physical activity and improves sleep, said the researchers.

At the moment this effect was observed only in the case of laboratory mice, but transfusions of young blood in older people is already engaged in the company Ambrosia Medical. The cost of transfusion of a liter of rejuvenating blood, worth 8 000 dollars, and two liters can cost $ 12,000.

Danger from transfusions of young blood

Some scientists, including Professor new York University mark Siegel, believe that the company is simply deceiving people. According to him, at the moment there is no scientific proof of the rejuvenating effects of young blood, and this procedure can even be dangerous.

Young blood transfusion. Frame from the series “Silicon valley”

In particular, under risk is the risk of oversaturation of the body with iron, the transmission of infectious diseases, allergic reactions and weakening of immunity when not taking body blood. However, customers of the company Ambrosia Medical quite a lot in the queue for transfusion are hundreds of people.

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