Translator Safari – to translate websites and web pages within the browser directly!

When browsing the internet sometimes leads you to pages and sites in foreign languages can’t understand it, so it is the function of “translator Safari” is to help you translate any site or page on the internet with the push of a button from within the Safari browser!مترجم سفاري - لترجمة المواقع وصفحات الإنترنت داخل المتصفح مباشرة!

Features of “translator Safari”

  • Support more than 130 different languages, including Arabic, of course.
  • Translation within the Safari browser directly
  • Only gotten to translate websites
  • The translation is accurate and fast using Google’s servers
  • Support devices iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • When you click on the translated text gives you the original text before translation.
  • Extensions within the Safari browser

مترجم سفاري - لترجمة المواقع وصفحات الإنترنت داخل المتصفح مباشرة!

Free version and of “compact Safari”

You can download the app for free but when you sign in, the app will get a special professional, such as: the lack of a called or interim-use or the need to re-adjust the language continuously and get free updates.

How to use

The app is easy to use all you have to do to translate the site or a internet page to open is to click on the share button and then choose Safari Translator is the translation in just a few seconds.

كيفية استخدام مترجم سفاري؟


  • Works on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.
  • The operating system appropriate: iOS 8.0 and newer.

Coder: Nayer Abu Soud

Price : free download

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